How to Use a Multi-Bar Soap Cutter Video

We love our Multi-Bar Soap Cutters and judging from comments on Facebook and emails, it seems like our customers do as well (yippeee!). We have had a few questions about how to use them and how to replace the wires, so we made a Soap Queen Short video. I thought it would be fun to actually show you how to use it instead of boring ‘ol written instructions (but just to be safe, I’ve included some basic written instructions below as well)!

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Basic Instructions for cutting a loaf of soap with the Multi-Bar Cutter:

  1. Place soap loaf to the far left edge of the cutter.
  2. Firmly lower the soap cutter down through the soap.
  3. Remove the soap slices while the cutter is still down.

Instructions for changing a broken wire:

  1. Remove pin at the back of the cutter.
  2. Unwind the wire from the front of the cutter.
  3. Clip kinked wire and remove from the cutter.
  4. Remove wire from the back.
  5. Thread new wire from the back.
  6. Catch the loop with the pin.
  7. Press pin in firmly.
  8. Thread wire into the front of the cutter.
  9. Tighten and twirl the the peg, wrapping the wired around.
  10. Trim excess wire.
  11. Check string tension by listening to the sound. They should all sound similar.

I hope you enjoy this simple little video. What do you think of the music? It was created by a local, Bellingham musician – Casey Connor. He was so easy to work with and we are loving the new sound.

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  1. Nickie says

    I really like this! I saw one on another soapmaking supplier’s website & liked it. A few months later y’all started carrying them & I got really happy bcause it’s cheaper @ BB!


  2. DONNA says

    I have a question can i use your multi bar cutter on melt and pour i have one i bought along time ago that cost 3 times as much as Bramble Berry then i found out i couldnt use it on melt and pour i was very disappointed I am really hoping it will work with melt and pour and cold process

    • says

      We have successfully used the wire cutter for melt and pour – however, we do find that we break wires more often because M&P is so hard compared to fresh CP. So if you are going to use it – just be prepared to push hard – and make sure your wires are nice and tight!

      -Kristen with Bramble Berry

  3. says

    LOVE my cutter! Best birthday present ever! I do have one question though! Where would one get a replacement wire? I’m always worried I’ll break one and not have a spare on hand! <3

  4. says

    I bought my own last month when I went to the US and I am in love with it. Cut down slicing time significantly, also my bars are evenly cut which would mean that my labels look better.