Cinnamon Sugar Scrub-Part Two-Gift Series

Part Two of our Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Tutorial finds us with a big bowl of delicious smelling, exfoliating foaming bath whip. You could use it the way it is – but we have a great idea for making it just a little more WOW! in the jar.

If you missed the first day click here for ingredients, set up and mixing instructions.

SugarScrub4Step 4

Put half of the FBW & Sugar mixture into another container. Color one half with a couple of scoops of Cappuccino mica and the other with shredded glitter. Mix the color and glitter in well.

SugarScrub5Step 5

Spoon the colored, scented FBW mixture into the pastry bags – one color in each. I like to fold the top of the pastry bag down, forming a little sleeve cuff, to keep the top of the plastic bag clean. Once filled, fold up the top cuff and snip off the end of the pastry bag to form your funnel.

SugarScrub6Carefully pipe the scrub into the jars. Make sure to press the tip of the pastry bag around the sides to get clearly delineated layers. Alternate between the two colors until your jar is filled.

SugarScrub7Finish it off with one of the cute labels available in the kit or make your own! Your family, friends and co-workers will be very impressed with how nice their skin feels once they bathe with the Cinnamon Sugar Scrub.


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    • says

      Hi Meagan!

      This recipe is going to make you enough scrub to fill about 18-24 (depends on how much you whip it) 2-ounce jars. So I would say it would be about 36-48 ounces by volume. I hope this helps! :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  1. Oksana says

    Hello, I have a question, can I make foaming bath whip, by combining M&P white base and liquid Castile base and whip them together? Thank you.

  2. Dawn says

    hi there
    great recipe but can you list a preservative that does not have parabans?

  3. marsa says


    • says

      Hi Marsa!

      Great news! We do ship to Mexico. You can place your order online, but I would encourage you to read our international shipping policies page before placing an order. Our international shipping policies can be found here:

      You can also email us if you have any specific questions about products and shipping to Mexico. Our email address is: info(at)brambleberry(dot)com. Thank you so much for your interest in our company!

      -Courtney with BB

  4. marsa says


  5. heidi says

    Great stocking stuffer, or to add to a gift basket.
    Can the whipped sugar scrub be placed in a squeeze bottle?

    • Anne-Marie says

      Fantastic question! Yes BUT you’ll need to make it much much thinner which means add more oil ALSO the squeeze bottle needs to be a wide mouthed Malibu bottle. A ketchup squeeze bottle won’t ever work =) Love how you’re thinking out of the box …. er…. bottle.

  6. Angela says

    Hi, I was wondering how much this makes? I didn’t see anything that says – makes X number of 2 once jars. Just looking for something to make a bulk of Christmas gifts.

    • Anne-Marie says

      It varies a bit based on how much you whip it up but 2 pounds of Foaming Bath Butter will get you at least 18 two ounce jars (minimum) but probably closer to 24 of them.

  7. says

    A-M when will you start making youtube videos again please they help me so much and help other peple to ! could you tell me when im counting on you! 😉

    • Anne-Marie says

      I’ve added quite a few lately – have you seen them at SoapQueen.TV? The latest one just released a few weeks ago =)

  8. says

    Got a question about this foaming bath butter…and using it as frosting.

    Would I mix it like the directions and then just pipe it onto the “cupcakes”. Does it set to the point where if you touch it it’s like hardened frosting? Or would you put something like meringue powder in it for it to harden??

    I’ve been having so much troubles with my normal “frosting” that I use on my cupcakes…I need to try something different.

    • Anne-Marie says

      It doesn’t really ever get hard. You could try mixing it with melt and pour to help it to harden but I don’t have any recipe or proportions that might work because I haven’t played with it yet but in theory, it should/could work great. It might not dissolve in the bath as well as a softer, SLS-based frosting if it’s for a fizzy so keep that in mind.

  9. Anne-Marie says

    If you are just using FBB and fragrance, no, you do not need a preservative. If you are using FBB, fragrance and sugar, a 1% Phenonip or Germaben II addition would be prudent.

  10. Neha says

    hi =) i stumbled across your blog and i love love love it.just had a few questions about scrubs- how long do they last?

    do you need a preservative if you use FBB?

    and if you dont use FBB what can you use as to preserve the scrub?

  11. dragonlady0627 says

    hi! i love this idea. my question is – what colors would you use for cranberry-fig? i wanted to do a nice burgandy and olive, but i can’t find any olive colors anywhere. (im also not very good at blending.) any suggestions would be great!


  12. Heidi says

    I love the tutorial, but in the one picture the only thing I can really see is that gorgeous ring!!! = )

  13. Kate says

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents about the FBB scrub. When I used it, I went by the guidelines on the Brambleberry website – but ended up adding more oil and more sugar (i.e. about 8 oz oil and about 4 pounds of sugar) — to die for!!

  14. Anne-Marie says

    Erin, I can’t wait to see your site when you get it done. =)

    Evermoresoap, Report in when you make the FBB scrub. I can’t wait to hear what you think when you make and use it. =)

  15. evermoresoap says

    Oh how beautiful! I make my scrubs in a completely different way, but Im considering making some foot scrub with the foaming bath butter. I love that stuff!!

  16. Heavenly Scent Soaps says

    Hi Again:

    I think that I was the one who made the post. I use Lesley’s URL on my profile because I don’t have my own website yet.

    BUT, I finally found a beautiful header graphic to use (after months of searching), so I’ll be working on my “Heavenly Scent Soaps” site soon. And you can bet that Bramble Berry will get TOP mention!

    And, it’s such a small world because the other day I was at a craft sale and met another soaper. We compared notes and I found out that her favorite place to “shop” is…Bramble Berry!

  17. Soapylove says

    I'm so glad you posted this tutorial! I have some of the FBB and haven't used it yet. I love scrubs and all that fun B&B stuff, so I'm definitely going to try this!

  18. Teresa R says

    Good tip on folding the top of the pastry bag down like cuff! I didn’t do that a few times (while doing real frosting) and kicked myself for making a huge mess.

  19. Anne-Marie says

    Hi Erin,

    She posted a comment on my blog a few days ago. I try really hard to visit all of our blog commenter’s sites frequently so that’s how I ended up there. =)

    It’s a lovely site. You’ve done a great job on it.

  20. Heavenly Scent Soaps says


    This comment doesn’t pertain to your beautiful scrub, but I wanted to ask you a ?.

    I noticed that you just left a comment on one of my client’s Blogs (Lesley Harrison.Net – An Artist’s Blog).

    Did you just run across the Blog? I’m curious how you found it.

    Small world, because I send Lesley some of my soaps from time-to-time, and she loves many of your citrus scents!

    Kind Regards,