I love reading each and every blog comment posted by Soap Queen Readers. Thank you for all of your input and inspiration- It really makes it fun for me! Mid July, I posted a tutorial on Watermelon Soaps and received a comment from SweetMadeSoap that she had made a delicious Mojito Soap with shades of green and white scented with Lime and Peppermint Essential oils. I just had to give the Mojito soap a try (as my mouth started watering just reading the comment). And the results are in…

Clear Melt and Pour
White Melt and Pour (optional)
Liquid Green Colorant
Yellow Mica
Brilliant Blue LabColor
Aqua Pearl Mica
Opalescent Turquoise Mica
Peppermint Essential Oil (2nd distillation)
Lime Essential Oil
Scalloped Round Mold
Glossy Silicone Tray Mold

Get everything you need for this project
by clicking the ‘Buy It Now’ icon below.

You’ll also need cookie cutters and a sharp knife to cut out ice cubes and mint leaves.

Mint Leaves: For my dark colored mint leaves, I used clear melt and pour mixed with Liquid Green Colorant and a sprinkle of Yellow Mica. Then I poured a thin layer into a brownie pan tray mold. Once it cooled, I used my mini leaf cookie cutter to cut out the leaves. Try adding a little bit of white soap base to the mix if you want a lighter mint color. As you can see, I did both!

Ice Cubes: For my ice cube color, I used clear melt and pour soap base with 1/2 drop of Brilliant Blue Labcolor, and a sprinkle of Aqua Pearl and Opalescent Turquoise Mica. You can either pour a layer (1/2 inch thick) into a tray mold and cut your cubes by hand our use a flexible ice cube mold. Either way will work.

Essential Oils: Since Peppermint Essential Oil is pretty strong, I used 1 part Peppermint Essential Oil to 3 parts Lime Essential Oil. It really does smell delicious and refreshing. Trust me, you’re going to love this blend!

Assembly: Pour a thin layer of clear melt and pour (that has cooled to 130 degrees) into your scalloped round soap mold. Spritz four mint leaves and add them to the soap base. Then add another thin layer of clear melt and pour. Spritz three or four ice cubes with rubbing alcohol and add them to the soap, on top of the mint leaves. Then start the random assembly. Add more mint leaves and ice cubes until the mold is full and you have mint and ice sticking out everywhere. Repeat with the other cavities and remember that they’re not all going to be the same. There are no two Mojito Soaps alike (in my experience).

Has anyone else made Mojito Soap? I would love to hear about them!


15 Responses to “Mojito-riffic!”

  1. TeresaR says:

    Haven’t made them, but your cute soaps remind me of the margarita I had last night! ;D

  2. Amy says:

    I love this scent combination! I use a lime fragrance and BB’s Moroccan Mint to make these: http://beanstreetmarket.blogsp

    …but I’ve run out and need to make more!

  3. Abelavita says:

    I put mojito soaps on my to-try list last year, but haven’t made them yet. These sure look fun!

  4. Gorgonoula says:

    I love this…would make a great little gift for someone. I’m on vacation right now but plan on trying this when I get back home!

  5. SincerelyNatural says:

    Mmmmm, those look good! I have a Margarita FO that I’ve been waiting to try, in CP though. I’ll definitely be moving it up my to do list now!

  6. Anne-Marie says:

    Oh yum, that would be perfect with this project =)

  7. Anne-Marie says:

    It would be so cute tied up with a little cellophane and a green curly ribbon.

  8. Anne-Marie says:

    Hopefully these inspire you to try them =)

  9. Anne-Marie says:

    They are sooooo cute. I love the sound of lime + Moroccan Mint together too.

  10. Anne-Marie says:

    Ha ha … licking my lips.

  11. Pinetreeroadshop says:

    i have been making a mojito CP soap and my customers LOVE it! i just use a basic CP recipe and add lime & peppermint essential oils. a variation is adding mint leaves or sea salt to the top. smells just like the drink!

  12. Mold Removal Hialeah says:

    Haven’t made them.But i love this combination! I will surely make it.

  13. Mold Testing Service New York says:

    Thanks for giving me a break from work! Keep some good things to read.i like such kind of post…

  14. Mold Removal Hollywood says:

    those look good!I love this.These sure look fun!

  15. Anne-Marie says:

    That’s great to hear – the sea salt would be a fantastic touch to those essential oils. =)

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