Marvelous Soap Marbles

These marbled soaps make the perfect gift or favor for any occasion. And if they’re not cute enough as is, you can fit 5 of these little guys into one of our new soap boxes. The best thing about this soap project is that you can pick any color combination for customization that fits your occasion. This project may look tricky but anyone can do it – even beginners!

Picture 399Ingredients
White Soap Base (12 oz)
Fiery Fuchsia (Soapylove’s Jewelry Box)
White Tea and Ginger Fragrance Oil
Injector tool (PJ’s Tool Kit)
Soap Sphere Mold
Swirling tool (toothpick or spoon will work)
3 rubber bands
Hot Water
Spritz bottle of rubbing alcoholThis tutorial demonstrates the swirling technique. You can see the same concept of this technique on Soap Queen TV. Check out the video here for some helpful tips and tricks on swirling if you haven’t seen it already.

My creationAligning your sphere mold: Super important tip –When you take your mold out of the package, make sure to mark each end (top and bottom) with a permanent marker so you will always know how to line it up. The mold is lined up correctly when it comes out of the package. If they are aligned incorrectly you will have wonky spheres.

ONE: Have all of your tools ready to use including a cup of hot water. We’ll be using the hot water to clean the injector tool when switching soap colors.

TWO: Melt 12 ounces of white soap base and separate evenly into 2 containers. I used clear, heat safe glass mugs from a thrift store. They worked perfectly for this project.

My creationTHREE: Add 1 ml of fragrance oil to each batch and mix well. I used the delicious and popular White Tea and Ginger but you can use any fragrance oil that you want. A non-yellowing fragrance oil would be preferable; we want our white soap to stay strikingly white!

FOUR: Add 6 drops of the Fiery Fuchsia to one of your containers of white soap. Mix well. The other container of soap will remain white.

My creationFOUR: Using your injector tool, drop a pea sized drop of PINK soap into each cavity of the bottom half of the mold. Have your alcohol spray bottle handy and spritz any air bubbles that surface. Immediately clean the injector tool in hot water.

My creationFIVE: Use the clean injector tool to drop a pea sized drop of WHITE soap on top of the pink soap. Then swirl the soap together using any object you can find (toothpick, small fork, pick, spoon, etc.).

My creationSIX: Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 until the bottom half of your mold is filled. Then let soap cool for 10-15 minutes. Remember to clean you injector tool when you’re done with each color. It’s not much fun to clean if the soap has hardened.

My creationSEVEN: Once the soap has cooled, spritz the soap with rubbing alcohol to ensure the layers stick, and place the other half of the mold on top (remember to line up the mold using your two dots from step one). Then secure the mold using 3 rubber bands. Trust me – the rubber bands will make life much easier when filling up the rest of your mold.

EIGHT: Reheat your pink and white soap in the microwave and refresh your hot water for round two. It’s time to fill up the rest of our spheres.

NINE: Use your clean injector tool and fill up each top cavity with white soap about half way. The nozzle of the injector tool fits perfectly into the hole of the mold. Immediately clean your injector tool. Then fill up the mold the rest of the way with the pink soap. OR alternate pink and white soaps until the sphere cavity is completely full. Let loose and have fun with it!

Hint: Because this mold was created for ice cubes, you might see a sphere filling up with soap other than the sphere you are currently filling. Just keep plugging away. The great thing about this project is that is doesn’t have to be perfect. The uneven colors are what make these marbled soaps POP!
My creationTEN: Once your soaps have cooled (about 4-6 hours). Pop them out of the molds. Yes, there is a little clean up required. Just scrape off the edging with your fingernail and smooth the soap with your finger. I haven’t figured out how to get rid of the bubbles on the bottom of the soap so let me know if you have any suggestions. I just smoothed them out with my fingers and they looked great!

Tip: If you have trouble popping the soaps out, put them the mold in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes. They should pop right out after that!

Picture 379Variations…ONE: I used liquid black with sparkle gold mica in clear soap marbled with fiery fuchsia in white soap.TWO: The brighter pink color was Fiery Fuchsia in clear soap marbled with plain white soap.If you do this project with any cool and fun colors, let me know. I want to hear about all of your soapy successes!


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  1. Anne-Marie says

    Bella, make sure you have a cup of really hot water handy and clean the injector frequently. Works like a charm!

  2. Bella Fresca (Susan) says

    I'm wondering how you keep the soap in the injector from getting hard. Doesn't it harden in the nozzle and clog? I've tried soap in a squeeze bottle and it hardens fast, clogs the nozzle so I spend a ton of time cleaning the nozzle. Takes too much time. Would love a response to this!!

    The pink soap marbles are very pretty!

  3. Anne-Marie says

    Love the alcohol and overfill suggestion Debbie. Thank you for that. =)

    Joanna, you will come over to the M & P 'dark side' one of these days. It is so much fun and totally versatile.

    Lynn, get a tennis ball, cut it in half and drill a hole into it and that should give you your large mold. They're hollow inside and you can band them together really well to make them stay upright suspended in a bowl of rice. =)

  4. Lynn in Seattle says

    I'd love to have big round soaps, at least 4 oz but even bigger would be great. Any chance of getting a mold to make big marbles?

  5. Sugar Pine Boutique says

    Oh wow! Super cute! I'm going to have to put this project on my Christmas list. Love it! ; )

  6. Anne says

    Nice! I've always wondered exactly how those double-sided molds work. My kids would love marble soaps!

  7. Joanna says

    these are so cute. see? you know how to sell your products, girl! I am a b+ b gal and a cp soapmaker and now I am ready for an mp challenge. I WANT THOSE SUPPLIES. WAAAAH.


  8. Selena says

    Anne Marie,

    you've done it again! This is a beautiful project that I can't wait to try! I see hostess gifts in my near future!

  9. TeresaR says

    This a way cool soap, but I'm not sure I have the talent/patience to do it yet. Maybe next year. :}

  10. Soap By The Slice says

    Fan-totally-tastic!!!! I love these! Now I'm gonna have to go hunting for these moulds in the UK. Loving it!

  11. Burnt Mill Candles and Soap says

    thanks for showing this
    at least I know I wasn't the only one getting the soap going into other ones then the one I was pouring. I love this mold and really need to work on making lots more balls in all kinds of cool colors!

  12. CountryMagik says

    Those are so cute! Darn, yet another project to try, and I have all the stuff on hand….

    Good thing hubby is going fishing on Saturday!

  13. RoseValley says

    I have another suggestion for the bubbles, try using your heat gun like you do for the lip balms. It provides just enough heat to smooth the top layer of soap and the soap will cool quickly. (I use this truck all the time when my duck soaps let out little bubbles)

  14. Soapylove says

    Regarding the bubbles, I suggest spraying alcohol into the holes after pouring, and also to top off the molds. It's better to trim later than have holes/bubbles. I hope that helps!

  15. Mary says

    Anne-Marie, I am very happy with the WordPress blog. Never have regretted the move.

    I love these soaps! I have never tried M&P, so I am of no help…no advice for avoiding the bottom bubbles. But I am excited to say, I plan to give M&P a shot…looking forward to some expanded creativity. Planning to use the oval soap mold that you sent to me via the gift pac.:)

  16. The Artist says

    I didn't know you guys had the sphere mold!!!I want one so bad for the recipes on soapylove's new book!!

  17. katw0man says

    these are simply adorable.

    i am getting ready to make an order, and my wish list is growing!

    they are perfect in the new pillow boxes!

  18. Luster Canyon says

    These look great, I will have to give it a try…I didnt know about the two halves being matched up when received, I just tore right in to my goodies…I will have to experiment and get that figured out and marked….dont want wonky marbles. :)