Aloha, Aloha Soap Kit

Today is the first day of Spring. Let’s all stand up and give Spring a big round of applause! In honor of the seasonal change, Washington has decided to give us more of the same liquid sunshine. But in the office, we’re honoring Spring by reintroducing the Aloha Soap Kit from Bramble Berry. The kit comes with a simple Plumeria soap mold and two colorants that will give you a wide range of coloring options. You’ll also receive Tropical Vacation and Island Coconut Fragrance Oils which will sweep you off your feet into a tropical day dream. This beginner kit comes with everything you need to make 2 pounds of handmade soap! Get creative. Have fun and welcome Spring!


1 lb White Soap Base

1 lb Clear Soap Base

.2 oz Coral Mica

.2 oz Shamrock Green Mica

Flexible Plumeria Mold

Island Coconut Fragrance Oil

Tropical Vacation Fragrance Oil

Buy everything you need in the click of a button!


ONE: Cut your soap base into 1 inch cubes. Using a heat safe container, melt your soap bases in the microwave on 30 second intervals until fully melted. Once the soap is in liquid form, mix in your fragrance oil with a spoon. I combined the Island Coconut and the Tropical Vacation at a 1:1 ratio for a fantastic tropical blend. Fragrance oil usage rate for melt and pour usually ranges between  .25 and .5 ounces per pound.

TWO: Once your fragrance oil is fully mixed in, add your colorants and stir well. Remember a little goes a long way and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). We usually recommend 1/8 teaspoon of colorant per pound of soap base but feel free to get creative with this part! Coral and Shamrock Green are both oil soluble colorants so they do better if you mix the color ahead of time in your fragrance oil (otherwise, they speckle which is a cool design look, but might not be what you’re going for).

THREE: Carefully pour your soap in the mold. Use the Faux Funnel Swirl technique from this tutorial, Basic Layering, Melt and Pour Swirling, or any other melt and pour soaping technique that inspires you!

TIP: Once you pour your soap into the mold, spritz with rubbing alcohol to eliminate any air bubbles. Let the soaps cool for 4-6 hours before unmolding.

If you have the Aloha Kit from Bramble Berry, we want to see your beautiful and creative soaps! Share them with us on our Facebook fan page! Psssst – And if you do end up ordering the kit, might I recommend the add-on Pikake (Hawaiin Jasmine) fragrance for a little bit of variety?

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  1. Stephanie Day says

    Hello! This will be my fist ever soap making project, and I am doing this for my friends bridal shower favors. How many plumerias can I expect to get out of this? I need to make about 46 soaps.

    • says

      Congrats on making your first soap Stephanie! We are so happy to hear you are trying this fun project! Out of this tutorial and kit you would be able to make about 10 plumeria soaps.

      If you want to make 46 separate soaps and make it affordable for yourself, we suggest buying all of what you need separately. You would need about 9 lbs of soap, 2 1/4 ounces of the fragrance oil and 2 ounces of the colorant per .25 pounds of soap!

      You can always use our fragrance oil calculator to make sure you are getting the right amount of fragrance into each individual soap.

      -Becky with Bramble Berry