Moisturizing Mahogany Beard Oil

  • Difficulty:Beginner
  • Time:15 minutes
  • Yields:Four 2 oz. bottles

For women, keeping hair soft and healthy is often part of our everyday routine. From leave-in conditioners to hot oil treatments and masks, lady tresses get plenty of TLC. But why should girls have all the fun? Keeping facial hair well-groomed and fresh is equally important!

With Jojoba Oil and Buckthorn Extract, this Moisturizing Mahogany Beard Oil will keep facial hair feeling soft and shiny. Lightly scented with Mahogany Fragrance Oil, beard oil keeps skin beneath hydrated and flake-free. To use, apply a few drops of beard oil onto the hands and gently work into facial hair.

What You’ll Need:

6 oz. Sweet Almond Oil

2 oz. Jojoba Oil 

2 mL Buckthorn Extract

.5 mL Mahogany Fragrance Oil

2 oz. Bottles (Black Disk Cap) (four bottles)

Optional: Droppers

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ONE: In a container, add the Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil. Stir to combine.
TWO: Add the Buckthorn Extract and Mahogany Fragrance Oil and stir.
THREE: Carefully pour the oil mixture into plastic bottles. It is ready to use right away!

What kind of grooming products do the men in your life use? 

8 Responses to “Moisturizing Mahogany Beard Oil”

  1. Shara says:

    I would love to try and make this one. I have an order on the way with Spiced Mahogany fragrance oil. Will that work instead of the Mahogany fragrance oil?

  2. We’ve been considering trying to branch out from just soap, and this may be JUST the ticket. We may have to try a small run of this… we’ll have to think about what scent to try, though!

    • Kelsey says:

      Hi Gates!

      I’m so glad you like it! Also, I think a lot of masculine scents would work well in this recipe. :)

      -Kelsey with Bramble Berry

  3. Gates says:

    Out of curiosity, why do you specify the heat safe glass container? You don’t seem to heat it at all, and pour it into plastic containers right away.

    • Kelsey says:

      Hi Gates!

      Good catch! This recipe isn’t heated, so it doesn’t need to go in a heat-safe container. :)

      -Kelsey with Bramble Berry

  4. Jenn says:

    I made this tonight and it was so easy! Only change I made was to make a blend of 1/2 Mahogany and 1/2 Arabian Spice for the fragrance oil and it smells lovely!

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