Chocolate Balm Trials – Day 2

After all the supplies were assembled, I made a make-shift double boiler for the beeswax and the chocolate. In the past, I have exploded one Pyrex container and a microwave glass trying to melt beeswax in the microwave. I decided to play it safe and make a double boiler with an old mug.Chocolate contains a large amount of cocoa butter. Traditionally chocolate needs tempering in order to make sure it does not crystallize. When chocolate crystallizes, it looks white and cracked. It’s fine to eat but not the look that we are going for with our Choco-Balms. I made a tempering bowl for the chocolate.The chocolate tempering bowl was a disappointment. The chocolate just sat and sat and sat. It got slightly mushy but never fully melted. In hindsight, I think this is because Hershey’s Chocolate doesn’t contain much chocolate. In fact, “chocolate” is fourth on the ingredient list. It comes after sugar, milk, and cocoa butter. For comparison, the two foodie chocolate brands I used had organic cacao, organic cane sugar and and organic cacao butter for their first 3 ingredients. Neither Green & Black or Vivians have milk solids in their ingredients listing. As it turns out, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate is not a friendly product to craft with because of the milk.

After attempting to melt the chocolate for over 30 minutes on the stove, I gave up. Here is a chunk of chocolate, with jojoba oil and beeswax. It is sitting in a heat safe bowl, all ready to be put into the microwave.Check back tomorrow for Hershey’s Lip Butter Disaster and the method I picked to melt all the ensuing 9 batches.


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  1. Molly says

    One thing I learned when working in a chocolate store, is that many of the readily available chocolate bars and chocolate chips contain an edible wax stabilizer than helps it keep its shape during both shipping and baking, which is likely why you had the problem with the Hershey bar.

  2. Anne-Marie says

    I’m glad you’re finding in value in my trial and error =) Hershey’s probably wouldn’t have melted better, even when grated. However, the other “Real” chocolate bars melt fine in a double boiler. It was just the Hershey’s that messed me up, unfortunately.

  3. Sarah says

    I haven’t looked at your blog in a few days since i’ve been out of town… funny, though, last night i tied to make a choco lip balm of my own! i used hersheys and it was a major flop…i got some organic chocolate of Trader Joe’s today and will be trying that sometime in the next few days. I hope you found something that worked!

  4. Michelle says

    I appreciate you going through all of the trials and errors Anne-Marie. You are so much braver than I. I look forward to your future posts on the choco lip balm :)

  5. Carrie ~ Gigi says

    Post Script: True story…it really was Bramble Berry’s site that inspired me to get back into soap making…and today I still love the site! And by the way, I have had some pretty crummy mistakes in the past, and probably will have lots more in the future, but like they say, “Two steps forward, one step back.” But those little steps forward is really what makes it all worth while!

  6. Joanna Schmidt says

    Do you think it would have melted if you grated it like cheese first? I have never melted chocolate. Now I need to know.

  7. Carrie ~ Gigi says

    jamie-I was thinking the same thing~ so nice that Anne-Marie does this for us! This is one project, I have on my list to learn.

  8. Jamie says

    We love to see the disasters along with the photos of the “winning” method. It saves your readers so much effort when you do the advance legwork! Thanks Anne-Marie!