Jamisen in Cartoon Form

Seriously, doesn’t this look like our little red-haired Jamisen? The artwork is done by my friend Jess (want routine laughs? Follow her blog!) who is working on her own cartoon book (thanks to Kickstarter – check out her project here). How talented is she?! I backed her Kickstarter project and that was before she drew a remarkable likeness to Jamisen (grin).
My creation
See the resemblance now?

Jamisen is becoming quite the little squealing talker. He has this especially adorable quality of trying to crawl away when we walk away. This is precious if you’re playing that game on purpose. It’s less cutesey and more terrifying if you’re trying to just grab something and leave him on the bed for a second. I just got back from a two day accounting course in Seattle and this is the video that Chris and Jamisen made to wake me up this morning. It helps to make the time away from home easier because I really do miss my boys. We shoot SoapQueen.TV tomorrow – and I must go review scripts. Here’s to a wonderful weekend that is both productive and filled with many baby giggles and grins.

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      • Anne-Marie says

        Isn’t that middle photo absolutely hilarious?! It was because of his hat – we walked him to the Dr’s office in the cold and when we took off his hat, he had that little mowhawk. It made us all laugh.

        And yes, being a parent is a massive joy – on a scale that I never anticipated. I am so thankful and so happy – just truly blessed with both of my boys.

  1. says

    Precious and love his video voice! Thanks for shaing this with us. What a squeal! Dad seem is having as much fun as baby Jamisen. Cute pair of sox! LOL