Happy Birthday Chris

We just threw a family surprise (age redacted) birthday party for Chris. He hates surprise parties but since we’re family, we figured he wouldn’t mind us breaking his rule about not surprising him. We were so happy that everyone made it. In the photo below is Kelly ‘Grandma’ Renoud and Aunt Anamarie (no really, her name is Anamarie and was before I showed up in the family) showing Jamisen his new obsession, er, toy. I know right? How in the world does Jamisen rate presents for Chris’s birthday? It’s Grandparent prerogative. And for the record I love it.
The toy is awesome (!). It is *best* nesting toy and Jamisen is fully entranced with it. He’s using it as a Hide’n’Seek game (and getting pretty good) but he’ll eventually figure out how to do the nesting thing. Jamisen was puzzled by the beard Grandpa Winston was sporting for part of the day but he warmed up and immediately reverted to his normal behavior, playing “Stick Everything In The Mouth” game.
We were happy that Aunt Anamarie was there. She’s super calm and easy going with babies, Jamisen included. I know that in the future, we’ll be thrilled that she’s 16 and can drive because she is the most responsible child we know (and that includes everyone from ages 9 to 19). Baby sitting time, t-minus 5 years.
Notice Jamisen eying the cheesecake? The kid knows where the good stuff is!
Uncle Erik valiantly tried to teach Jamisen to walk. He was pleased to have the attention but was equally puzzled as to why Erik was so excited. For the record, he did not show any signs of walking. He has started “dancing” lately though and will do it on queue. That’s rather adorable.
Grandma and Grandpa Faiola were pleased to have another excuse to spend time with their happy grandson. We had so much delicious food (it felt like we cooked for days in preparation!) and both Chris and I felt thankful for the presence and support of our family. We are extremely rich in family and are grateful for our many blessings.
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  1. says

    As always, seeing pictures of Jamisen just brightens my day. He is an absolute cutie!
    I can’t wait to see those ‘booty-shaking’ photos when you get them.

  2. says

    Enjoyed your post. It’s so fun to see your family. Jamisen is a cutie. You will so appreciate having such a wonderful babysitter in Aunt Anamarie. Would love to see a dancing video sometime! Oh, and Happy Birthday to Chris.

    • Anne-Marie says

      Dancing video! You got it. I will spend the next two weeks trying to capture it. You know how it is: camera comes out and crash! Everything funny and adorable stops =)

  3. Dori Martz says

    We always had little gifts for our kids at these kind of parties. It kept them busy and friendly when others were getting all the attention. The Grandparents started that tradition