Update from the Soap Guild Show

Soapers from around the country made the pilgrimage to the biggest soaping event of the year: Soap Guild 2013, held this weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. Luckily we were able to send two excellent some soapers to cover the conference for us. Michele Lang of Tierra Verde and Jean Horne of SoapArt have been reporting back to us with excitement and glee. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the soaps that have were entered into the annual conference contests:

Best appearance mosaic

From the “Best Appearance” Category

And Jean was even able to post a quick update on her blog. Here’s what she had to say:

I keep pinching myself to make sure it’s true — I’m at the soap conference! Here’s a picture for proof. Get ready to be impressed.

This lovely creation was submitted to the Soaper’s Showcase. Yes, it’s soap, — wow!  My photo doesn’t do it justice and if I can get a better one, I’ll post it later.
See the huge bag the gal to the right is carrying? That’s a goody bag full of gifts. Every conference attendee gets one.
Here’s what Bramble Berry gave to each and every attendee. Pssst: You can get your own super-sized Guild kit here.
I have four of these in my Bramble Berry shopping cart. It’s a small soap mold that is  4-inches square and holds about one pound of soap. I’ve been wanting one as ever since Bramble Berry introduced it and now I have one, yippee!
This is a 9 cavity silicone sphere mold. I already have some of these. I’m not telling you how many. I love them. Now I have one more!
 I use them to make soaps like these.
I got this great coupon book!
Some Brazilian clay and activated charcoal.
The goodies from Bramble Berry included the Quick Mix Swirl Oils, Lavender Fragrance Oil, Purple Brazilian Clay and Activated Charcoal. Everything but the equipment needed to make soap, the lye and the water. They even included a recipe and directions to make a batch of soap in this cute little mold.  If you are thinking about making cold process soap, but are concerned about the ingredients, or process, go ahead and check out this kit from Bramble Berry. It includes everything in my pictures and more! It’s a low risk, low investment way to try out cold process soap making. Check back on the Soap Queen blog soon for more conference updates! I better get going – I have a full day of soapy fun headed my way tomorrow.
Psst…don’t forget that we are giving away a few of these kits! Click here for more info. And be sure to check back for more conference updates!
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  1. Debbie Tubb says

    What a wonderful gift. I’m really excited about the molds and everything you included in the gift basket. I think the “pink” clay is so appropriate at this time. Missed you. Congratulations on your new blessing.

  2. says

    Anne-Marie, Brambleberry’s goodie bag contribution was awesome, everyone was raving about it and it was greatly appreciated. The conference was fantastic but I think we were all pretty exhausted by Sunday night (ok, Sunday morning). Encourage everyone to save up & head to Tucson next year!