SWI has Started

Wowzers! After over a year of planning, insane prep this last week and afternoon jitters, Soap Weekend Intensive has started. I kicked it all off with Soapmaking 101 at Otion tonight:


And, once everyone left, the team went back to work to load up the trucks and get the soapmaking space ready for Cold Process Immersion tomorrow. When I said we had been pulling product for a week just for the class, I wasn’t joking. Look at all those supplies!

My, that's a big stack of boxes.

Attendees (from all over the world) will learn Milk Soapmaking (we’ll be doing Goat Milk and Rice Milk), Swirling 101 and 201 and mini hands on classes for everyone. We’ll end the day tomorrow with a packaging and labeling overview.  We’ll keep you posted on the goodness on our Twitpic Page (pssst: I just posted my latest nail polish creations there tonight), Facebook page and yes, another blog post tomorrow. We wish you were here! =)

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  1. Inspiration says

    I can only confirm others. I wish I could be there. Wish you joy, success and fun during the next days.

  2. Kimberly McCarty says

    Wish I could be there. What is the stainless steel pot that looks like a crockpot?