Soap Queen Loves Dirty Laundry

“We” (meaning the royal “we” for all of Bramble Berry!)  have been obsessed with Jeanee’s Dirty Laundry Blog for quite some time. I’m pretty sure the entire customer service and marketing team check in daily (including myself). Her posts are always cheeky, fun and inspirational, which is why we invited her back for a second time to be on the Bramble Berry S.O.A.P. testing team (a group selected to test new fragrance oils for Bramble Berry- read more about S.O.A.P. here). After testing the mystery fragrances in her mini bath bomb cupcakes, she was a dear and sent us a sample of each (sweet!). You shouldn’t have, Jeanee, but we’re so happy you did. My marketing team and I were like jungle animals, fighting to smell each bath bomb at the same time.

Our favorite part of Jeanee’s testing is that she actually tests them out on her own customers. It’s very interesting to see which of her bath bombs sell out and which lag behind due to the scent. We’re taking notes on the best sellers and bath bombs that didn’t sell at all (yikes, that fragrance probably won’t make the cut). Check out the blog post for more dirty details about Jeanee and her S.O.A.P. adventure on  the Dirty Laundry Blog. But I warn you now…you’re probably going to get sucked in!

Do you want to get your hands on Jeanee’s Cupcake Bath Fizzies? Shop Dirty Laundry HERE.

Thanks again, Jeanee! We heart you!

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    Jeanee’s blog totally rocks! I can totally see why you love it, Anne-Marie! She could just be another Soap Queen!

    I have been working on my blog alot, but it lacks focus. I was trying to reach a more varied audience, and also weave some other personal interests into it. Luckily I found someone to help me on it, who is a professional, and maybe soon it will also be among the blogs that “rock”….only with my own personal flavor. 😉

    Sometimes it just takes awhile…know what I mean? At least now that I have committed to blogging every day or every other day, thoughts, inspirations, and ideas abound. I think it just takes that commitment! And it is no longer a chore anymore, but a JOY to share with your world what is going on in your own personal life and biz.

    But seriously, Jeannie of Dirty Laundry has alot that we can all take away and apply to our own blogs! She’s very savvy and integrated. I love it!

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      We all love Jeanee’s blog. She’s so talented in so many areas! It makes me smile!

      Keep up the good work on your blog, Kelly. I can see that you’ve come a long way. I used to read your blog several years ago and you’ve grown by leaps and bounds. Blogging every day is key and in no time, I have no doubt that you’ll be among the blogs that “rock”.

      -Courtney from Bramble Berry

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    Wow!! You’re right. Another blog to follow. ( not that I’m busy parenting 2 children, work, craft and try to keep the house clean.. well more or less hygienic :-)

    Thanx for inspiring again to get up and make some more soap for people in the Netherlands.