S.O.A.P. (Fall 2012) Fragrances Announced!

Thanks to the Fall/Winter 2012 S.O.A.P. Team for their help picking out our latest fragrance additions! I’m super excited about this round. I can’t wait to tell you all about the latest and greatest scents *you* chose (yay!) along with a few of the notes from the S.O.A.P. team’s initial responses after their rigorous testing. In no particular order, here are the winners:

Waterlily OrangeThis beautiful watery floral fragrance is a harmonious blend of fresh herbal greens, lotus and water lily.  The top has light peppery twist of bergamot, the heart is a crystalline watery flower and the finishing  accord is a graceful woody amber. Despite its floral notes, it is bright and cheery.

“Reminds me of a cool water type fragrance with maybe some fresh cut grass. This would be first on my list to purchase, and that of my friends. Everyone LOVED this one a lot and almost everyone said it reminded them of the ocean.” – Alicia

“It smells like a soft and sexy men’s cologne. I like it a lot!” -Laura

“It’s like sunshine! It just wakes you up and makes you happy.” -Teneshia

Water Lily

Crisp Apple and RoseThis scent is a combination of Granny Smith apples and delicate rose blossoms. It is a delightful mélange of fruit and flowers, supported by a base of clean musks to help with longevity in soap.

“OMG APPLE!! Fresh, juicy, sweet apple.” -Laura

“It smells just like I bit into a juicy apple… It’s the perfect fall fragrance!” -Milly

“Smells amazing…apple but not a strong, smack you in the face type of apple. Nice and delicate.” -Angie

“It is hard to find a good apple that is not spicy.” -Cecelia

Crisp Green Apples

Lavender ForestThis is a twist on traditional lavender. While it has notes of gorgeous lavender, there are many additional layers to this fragrance. Mandarin, lemon leaf and hearty fern blend in perfect harmony in this scent. Beautiful floral nuances dance on top of crisp citrus notes to help balance out the darker, earthier tones of forest and fern.

“We loved this as a mens’ fragrance, when I smelled it, I instantly wanted a warm manly hug!” -Teneshia

“This is one of the best ‘masculine’ scents I’ve come across in a long time. It is very light, and very sexy.” -Barbara

“Heady floral heart with more masculine/aquatic notes. LOVE!” -Meghan

Check out this great video from Milly of Second Spring Soaps of her comments about the fragrance oils she tested here.


Thanks again to all of our panel members for such great feedback and testing notes! Stop by and say hi to them soon, won’t ya?

Barbara of Willow Tree Soap Co.: Website | Facebook

Meghan of Dreaming Tree Soapworks: Website | Blog

Angie of Angie’s Suds and Such: Etsy | Facebook

Laura of Glad Heart Soaps: Blog | Facebook

Milly of Second Spring Soaps: Etsy | Facebook

Teneshia of Treat Me Bath and Body: Website | Blog

Alicia of Clean by Ali: Website | Blog

Cecilia of Mathair Earth: Etsy | Facebook

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  1. Theresa H. says

    Just curious with the two comments saying the Lavendar Forest FO smelled more masculine why is the link forwarding you to the Mother’s Day page? I want to try it if it is more masculine, but not if it’s more for moms. Can you direct me in the right direction? :) Thanks

    • says

      Hi Theresa!

      The Lavender Forest is great for both men and women, especially for women who are not fully sold on Lavender scents. It also has a bit of mandarin, lemon leaf and a bit of hearty fern in it as well to give it a whole new twist on the lavender scent.

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  2. says

    Nice reviews and sounds like I’ll be shopping!

    Were the spring 2012 SOAP Fragrances and tests published? I’ve been looking for a link.

  3. Tracy/Aiya says

    I am so greatful I found Soapqueen, Teachsoap, and Bramble Berry. You all are truly the best suppliers out there! Not to mention fun, friendly, and just, well, GRRRRRRRRREAT!

  4. Laureen Kelly says

    I have an unusual request. I want to figure out how to make my own hoof dressing for my horses. I enjoy making soap and other personal care products for humans, but I also want to make these for my pets.
    Common ingredients in hoof dressings include:
    Saligari Oil (Heat rendered Tallow, Emu, Eucalyptus (steamed), Lavender, Peppermint, and Wintergreen Oils), Silicone, Neatsfoot, Wood Tar and Stockholm Tar;
    Soybean Oil, Castor Oil, Lanolin, Avocado Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Arnica Extract, Comfrey Extract.

    Any tips on creating my own recipe?


  5. Cecelia says

    We enjoyed being on the S.O.A.P panel. Just wondering if we will be receiving an email with a listing of what all of the FO/scents actually were? The mystery aspect of it can have its ‘surprise’ when you actually find out what you were smelling! Thanks for the opportunity, just one of the many things that make Bramble Berry great.

  6. says

    I don’t think I would have been a good tester :). I’m extremely allergic to lily and rose and I am not a fan of lavender. The descriptions sound lovely though. Glad to see this years testers had fun :) I enjoyed testing samples last year so much! Thanks BB for offering these opportunities :) Just one of the many reasons I love shopping with you!