Tutorial: Pistachio Balm Recipe

Pistachio Body Balm

balm1I created this recipe for our October Newsletter (not on the Newsletter? Sign up here for specials and cool “insider” opportunities) and it was such a hit I wanted to share it with everyone on the blog.

.5 oz. Candellila Wax
1 oz. Cocoa butter
1 oz. Pistachio butter
1 oz. Avocado oil
1 oz. Jojoba oil
.1 oz. (1 tsp.) Tapioca Powder
a few drops Vitamin E oil
1 ml Orange Spice fragrance

Measure out all of your ingredients by weight before you begin.


The safest way to melt down the ingredients is in a double boiler – but you can use a microwave as well. Just watch your mixture very carefully (remember the exploding microwave?). And I always pull my container out of the microwave and stir to melt down the last few bits which helps to avoid overheating your ingredients.

Melt the wax until liquid then add the Cocoa butter. Once the Cocoa butter is completely melted add the Tapioca Powder and mix until there aren’t any lumps (hint: a little whisk helps with this). Finally add the Pistachio butter, remaining oils and fragrance to your preference. Mix well and pour into a 6 ounce tin.

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  1. ashley says

    Hi! I just ordered some of your pistachio butter & I’d love to make this recipe but I only have nature C-3 wax…could I use that instead of the candellila wax listed in the recipe above?

  2. Robin says

    Do you think I could use coffee butter in place of the pistachio butter in this recipe? Only because I’m looking for more things to do with coffee butter. :)

  3. Tabitha says

    How would you go about making this recipe to make enough to fill more tins like maybe 10. Math is not my strong suit and I can’t seem to figure it out?

    • says

      Hi Tabitha!

      Since this recipe has no lye, you can just multiply everything by 10 and get the amount you would need for 10 tins, which would be:

      *10 oz. Cocoa Butter
      *10 oz. Pistachio Butter
      *10 oz. Avocado Oil
      *10 oz. Jojoba Oil
      *10 teaspoons Tapioca Powder
      *5 oz. Candellila Wax
      *6-25 mL Orange Spice Fragrance Oil (I used the fragrance calculator, for lotions, and added the total weight of the recipe and it gave me a range of about 6 mL to 25 mL, depending on how heavy you want the fragrance to come across)

      I hope this helps! :)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  4. Heidi says

    Great tutorial! Thanks for the info on Tapioca Powder. Sounds like something I might need to get…

  5. Joanna says

    :) I need a picture of Ms. Amber. Please. I love green more than any other color in the world. I think that may be why living in a warm climate suits me. Because the leaves never leave me. 😀

  6. Anne-Marie says

    Lisa, Tapioca Powder is a nice fancy name for tapioca starch that has been sifted to free flow and disperse easily.

    Brigette, Pistachio Butter comes from Pistachio Seed Kernels when they are green. It has good skin penetrating qualities and is also very spreadable on the skin, which makes it good for balm.

    Armi, we did a newsletter at the end of September (the 28th of September). It had Halloween Bath Fizzies highlighted in the main part. If you didn’t get it, drop me a line at info (at) brambleberry (dot) com and I’ll make sure you’re signed up. =)

    Ingrid, glad you like the photos. It’s always nice to have someone else take them rather than me trying to pour, mix and take the photos! =)

    Joanna, I love that color of green and I swear, at work, it’s the only color Ms. Amber wears.

  7. Heavenly Scent Soaps says

    Sounds like a great recipe! But, I have a question about the Tapioca Powder, too.

    I use Tapioca Powder in natural deodorant recipes, but have never used it in body butters. What is the benefit of using it in a body butter recipe?


  8. Joanna says

    I am loving the green formica (?) background. That’s the color of my kitchen walls – well, maybe a little creamier than that. Pistachio butter makes me want to dive into it!


  9. Brigette says

    What would be the benefits/uses for pistachio balm? I think I would like to try this recipe too.

  10. Armi says

    I agree with Teresa – you make it seem so easy to make this LOL! And I didn’t get my October BB newsletter yet eventhough I’m signed up?