How to Stamp Soap on Soap Queen TV

Stamping soap is a simple and easy way to bring a that special detail to your cold process or melt and pour soap.  At Bramble Berry we sell two different kinds of stamps, acrylic and resin, and they each have their own tips and tricks to make the stamps really pop. Enjoy the video!

These products were used in the video:

Update: is not currently making custom soap stamps. We’ll let you know when we start production again!

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  1. Irene says

    I found 96% alcohol at local drugstore and chemical supplier, but they dont have the 91%, i don’t know why.

  2. Irene says

    Is it possible if i use 70% cosmetic alcohol on the acrylic stamp for my CP soap? because i couldn’t find any supplier in my city that sells 91% alcohol.

    • says

      Hi Irene!

      The 91% rubbing alcohol is going to be the best for CP soap, but if you can only find 70%, you can still use that. I’d also ask at your local drugstore or grocery store to see if they have 91% Isopropyl alcohol available (most do). Happy Soaping!

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  3. Toni says

    Is there a reason why the acrylic stamps aren’t that good to use on M&P soap? I really like some of t he acrylic ones but haven’t ventured into making CP soap. I was thinking of using the giraffe or owl acrylic stamps for a baby shower gift.

  4. says

    Saw that you recommended a custom at the end of the segment!! Thanks for that. Would love though if you could help with with the scent question!!!

  5. says

    Awesome! I would also love a recommendation for a custom! Also a side question-can you point to me one of your vanilla-cake-sugar scents that does not discolor??
    Thanks so much for these videos-that are just what we need!!