Customized Nail Polish Recipe

Make any color under the sun just by using mica and your clear nail polish. You can even add a drop or two of fragrance oil to make it extra special and scented.Picture 086
Here’s what you’ll need to customize your own nail polish:Clear Nail Polish
Mica (any color)
Nail Polish Remover
Fragrance Oil (optional)
Extra nail polish brushes
Small Container (for mixing)Picture 080
Above we experimented with Yellow Mica and below we tested a batch using Super Pearly White. They both turned out great but ultimately I chose to wear the Heavy Metal Gold Mica creation (see the last picture). Here’s how we did it…
Picture 077Step 1: Pour a small amount of nail polish into a small mixing bowl and add pinch of mica (whatever color inspires you). We did 1 small .15cc scoop of mica to .25 oz of nail polish for the final photo below.
Step 2 (optional): Add 2-3 drops of fragrance oil (your favorite summer scent – suggestions: Summer Fling, Black Raspberry Vanilla type, Beach Breezes or Apricot Freesia)Step 3: Because we’re adding to the already-thick nail polish, we added 2-3 drops of nail polish remover to thin it back out.Step 3: Paint nails with one of your extra nail polish brushes. **Brushes will be for a one time use only.

**cleaning the brushed seemed to be our only challenge. Soaking the brushes in nail polish remover and washing them still didn’t seem to clean up our brushes. Let us know if you have any tips!
Step 4: Once the nails are dry, immediately flaunt them! If you come up with any great mica blends, let me know. I definitely want to hear about any cool color blends that you design.

Picture 106


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  1. Ylva says

    I would suggest adding nail polish thinner, instead of nailpolish remover. The remover breaks down the polish and even if you don’t want to store it for a longer time (empty nail polish bottles are available online, if you like your mix :) ) it isn’t the best thing. It could impair the wear of your polish, making it chip easier or just flake of (a friend of mine ruined one of her OPIs that way).

    It’s superfun though :) With a bit of creativity you can create any colour you will ever want :)

  2. Anne-Marie says

    Hi France, The Nail Polish does not peel off the glass that I've noticed so it's either chipping it off over time or sacrificing your bowl =)

    There are still rules about what colorants can go in externally applied cosmetics, such as nail polish, so I'm not positive the craft store colors would fall under that. You'd have to ask the manufacturer the exact colors in it and then check this list:

  3. Bright Circle says

    Wow! I had thought of putting fine glitters in clear nail polish, but never mica! Michaels and sometimes Joann Fabrics sells Pearl-Ex powders, which has mica in it. They might even be straight mica. I'll have to check next time I'm there.

    I use a lot of nail polish in my glass jewelry, and am always looking for new things to do with it. Yes, nail polish WILL chip off glass after a while, and stronger glues will also destroy a nail polish finish, so if you're using polish on glass, find a good dimensional sealer. I use Liquid Glass from Fire Mountain

    Nail polish thinner is a MUST-HAVE. I bought a 4-oz bottle at Sally's Beauty Supply (for about $6, I think) several months ago, and have used it so many times. It was worth every penny.

  4. France says

    This is a fantastic idea! I'm wondering though where one purchases extra brushes, and how we'd go about cleaning the container (or do you use a disposeable one?), does the nail polish dry and peel off glass?

    So many ideas swimming in my head. I also wonder if, being it's applied on nails, if "craft" mica (aka Pearl Ex and the like) could be used as well (being it's not soap, or body lotion), I can't really see why not? (Got heaps of that which I'm not using much at the moment since taking up soap making!!)

  5. Anne-Marie says

    Miranda, I am SO excited about your experience with your niece and nephew. Yay for you being a cool aunt with the whole fragranced nail polish and custom colors. =)

    Penny, Thank you so so so much for your wonderful suggestions. I appreciate the hints and tips.

  6. Penny @ Zularis Naturals says

    Trying to clean off the brush can be hard depending upon the polish and micas used. Instead keep your eye open for super cheap clean nail polish. I've picked up lots of bottles for 99 cents at local stores. This way you don't have to clean the brush off. Plus you'll be able to use your custom polish color over and over again.

    Pass on the nail polish remover to thin out the polish. The stuff is designed to break down the polish to make it easier to remove. Look for polish thinner at your local beauty supply store such as Sally's. It can also be bought online for a few bucks a bottle. It's a great item to have on hand if you own polish. It can bring any thick, clumpy polish back to life. Hmm…I'll have to write a post about polish thinner on my blog.

  7. miranda says

    Anne-Marie! i had my niece and nephew overnight last night, and my niece and i made some amazing nail polish, SoapQueen-style. 😀 she is absolutely floored that her nails glow in the dark (and sparkle!), and can't stop sniffing the oatmeal milk and honey/cherry scent! what a hit!

  8. Merryn says


    Thank you so much for looking into that for me. I LOVE that FO, and have been in serious withdrawl since I've been out. It's amazing and so easy to use (it just makes you want to make things with it).

  9. Rose says

    This is an incredible idea – who would of thunked it!? I tried it out at home. It was AWESOME! I used Rose FO and the Rose Pearl Mica. It was a shimmery pink. I couldn't help stop sniffing my nails – haha!
    As for the color I used a couple of pinches of the rose mica and it produced a pink tint. Maybe next time I'll add more to see if it will produce a more opaque color.
    I can definitely see using this at one of my mani/pedi sessions with my girlfriends :)

  10. Anne-Marie says


    We'll have the fragrance back in stock in 2 to 3 weeks – not to worry =) Everyone was very confused when I asked if we were discontinuing it. In fact, Holly in Customer Service said, 'But I love that fragrance! Why would we discontinue it' (ha ha). So, you're in good company enjoying that one

  11. evermoresoap says

    Step 4 is the best part.

    What a good idea though! I never thought of this. Once I unpack from the move I will most certainly try this out.

  12. LittleGemsbyKari says

    great idea- and i'm sure you can adjust some polishes that looked better in the bottle! amazing as always.

  13. The Artist says

    That is a great idea,I like different colors for nail polish,I love bold colors,bright and shiny,so yeah,this will be perfect for my weekend!!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  14. Heather@Twin Birch says

    Wow! Not only is this a GREAT idea for all of us to add to our product lines, but my little girls are going to BURST INTO GIGGLES when they find out that we are going to make our own nail polish together!! This brings "Mommy will you paint my nails?" to the next, most awesome level!

    Thanks, Anne~Marie!! We'll be sending some Vermont love your way while we do the ultimate mani~pedi!

  15. Anne-Marie says

    Glad you guys are all digging this project. Yippeeee!

    Carol, the fragrance… I could smell it on my nails for a few days but it was light. It wasn't like wearing a perfume

    Joanna, Can you believe it's the Heavy Metal Gold? It totally turns out green-ish on the nails!

    Miranda, Great minds think alike! I often find that this industry is ripe with individuals that have similar ideas, around the same time, who never knew or heard of the other person. =)

    Merryn, I'll check on the status of that fragrance tomorrow and report back. =))

  16. Merryn says

    So I see that there's a photo of the Pomegranate & Black Currant FO in this blog, but it's out of stock!!!! Are you going to have it again? When I called before Mother's Day I was told that they didn't know if it was going to be re-ordered or not. I LOVE THAT FO!!! Please bring it back!

  17. Brigette says

    This is so cool. I could see people having a blast with this. Thanks for sharing yet another great idea.

  18. miranda says

    Anne-Marie! this is a ridiculously strange occurrence: i was looking through a catalogue that had some amazing nail polish colors in it just last night, and i thought "hey, i could add micas or even oxides to some colors i already have to jazz them up!" kinda creepy/cool that we thought of this at around the same time. 😀

  19. Karin says

    Maybe try nail polish remover with acetone (which we normally try to avoid) to clean the brushes. It usually gets out anything! I even had a repairman use it to remove a rubber skid from a flat carpet. It worked. I think polish, mica, etc. would be much easier to get out. As long as you don't use the acetone on your hands, and keep it for cleaning only, that would be better.

  20. Hippie's Creations says

    This is a super-cool idea..I am sure there are a lot of girls I know that could and would have fun with this. Thanks so much for sharing.

  21. Jan says

    How Cool! You are so creative, always thinking outside of the box!

    I've been thinking about doing a make your own mineral make-up party with my girlfriends and could add this idea also!

    Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  22. katw0man says

    this is my fun after a hard day of working with labels…..

    my eyes are tired.

    but! how coooool is this?!?

    i knew my stockpile arsenal of micas could be used for more than soap! my tweenie daughter will be more than elated! yippee!