Sensuous Rose Infused Massage Oil

This easy-to-make massage oil is a great way to show your partner in life how much you care. Avocado oil is a rich and emollient oil that serves as a great base, while infusing rose petals adds a luxurious touch (though not a lot of fragrance). The addition of the Rose Absolute Essential Oil makes for a calming, floral fragrance that is associated with romance and romantic gestures. Snuggle up with this romantic gift idea!

Rose Infused Massage Oil


8 ounces (by volume) dried Rose Petals

12 ounces (by volume) Avocado Oil

2 mL Buckthorn Extract

5-10 drops Rose Absolute Essential Oil

Four Ounce Bottles with Black Disk Caps

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ONE: Pour the Avocado Oil over the Rose Petals in either a crock pot or the top of a double boiler. To infuse the oil, allow to steep over low, indirect heat for 2-3 hours.

Pouring Oil Over Rose Petals

TWO: Strain the Rose Petals out of the Avocado Oil using a mesh strainer or a funnel with a small piece of cheesecloth in the neck. Get as much of the oil out of the Rose Petals as you can!

Strain the roses

THREE: Add the Buckthorn Extract and mix well.

Adding Buckthorn Extract


FOUR: Add the Rose Absolute Essential Oil and mix well. If you’re not happy with the scent, add a bit more up to 20 total drops.

Rose Absolute


FIVE: Pour the oil into the Four Ounce Bottles. I found a funnel was super helpful when pouring. I got two bottles out of it plus a teensy bit extra, though you might not have any left over at all depending on how much oil was able to drain from your petals.

Pouring into Bottles


SIX: Twist on the caps and enjoy!

Do not disturb...

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  1. salee says

    Dear soap queen
    I have seen some of you oil infused recipe like baby massage oil beside this recipe
    can I use it for face,like a face serum
    I have a question about infused oil
    can we infuse herb in more than one oil
    it means we can mix 2 or 3 oils and infuse
    or just one herb in one oil will get the most effective

    hope you will make some face serum recipes that use tea tree oil or tea tree essential oil reduce ance

  2. Timmi says

    Other then the super light fragrance the dried rose petals give off, is thre any other reason to use them? Just wondering if they give some type of skin benefit to the oil. Love the idea though. I’ve been meaning to make some massage oil. What other oils would work to make this? Maybe macadamia nut, hemp or apricot oil? Thanks for the great site and blog. You guys make finding what I need a breeze.