Hats, Bats and Spiders

I loved what Soapylove did in her latest tutorial (check it out here), I thought I would revisit the technique with a ghoulish twist! I stuck with some basic molds and colors here but the potential to get insanely creative is up to you! I hope I get to see what some of you come up with. Hint. Wink. Nudge. Post pictures on our facebook page!

A collection of Halloween soap decorated with stenciled designs in sparkly micas. Check out what we did for Christmas in 2009 using this same technique with glitter. See the glittery tutorial here.


4 in 1 Heavy Duty Mold

12 oz Clear Melt and Pour

12 oz White Melt and Pour

Luster Black Mica

Gold Sparkle Mica

.5 oz Hello Sweet Thang Fragrance Oil

.25 oz Vanilla Color Stabilizer

Free PDF Halloween Print Out

Mini Paint Brush

Hair Spray

Clean Up Tool (or something similar)

Buy all of the ingredients you need for this project in the click of a button!

Halloween Soap project - getting ready with soap, mica and free clipart

ONE: Make your soap!

  • Black Soap: Melt 12 ounces of clear soap in the microwave on 30 seconds bursts. Mix in about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Luster Black Mica and .25 ounces of Hello Sweet Thang Fragrance Oil. Mix well. Pour soap into the 4 in 1 Guest Mold and let cool.
  • White Soap: Melt 12 ounces of white soap in the microwave on 30 seconds bursts. Stir in .25 ounces of Hello Sweet Thang Fragrance Oil and .25 ounces of Vanilla Color Stabilizer. Mix well. Pour soap into 4 in 1 Guest Mold and let cool.

Brush up on the basics of melt and pour here!

Making Spider Silhouette soap for Halloween in four steps.

TWO: While your soap is cooling prepare your homemade stencils. Print the PDF HERE. Allow the ink to dry then use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the images. Keep in mind that you will be able to use the cut out and the silhouette of your stencil.

THREE: Spray the back of your cutout with hair spray and adhere it to the top of your soap. This will keep the stencil still while we brush on the mica.

FOUR: Use a fine paint brush to brush mica on the soap. Over the garbage can, blow the excess mica off of the soap and slowly peel the stencil off of the soap. The cleaning tool is great for getting the edge of the paper off of the soap.

Optional: Either keep the stenciled image as is or brush on more mica for a background color like we did in the picture above using Sparkle Gold Mica.

hree bars of Halloween soap. Black bars with glod mica stencil details.These soaps were made with the Sparkle Gold Mica. I don’t think I can pick a favorite. They all turned out so cute!

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  1. gitsadr says

    hi again from greece. this are very qute ( sorry for my english if i misspele a word ) .my favor is the bat. may i ask again something…i read somewhere that you dont ship liquid things to international. what about micas or glitter ? i know that molds or tools you can . and if i want to use glitter or micas that are for facepaint is it ok? thank you again cause you are the best.

    • says

      My favorite is the bat too. Such a fun project!

      We can’t ship orders to Greece. There are really tricky customs issues and 100% of our packages we’ve shipped to Greece in the the past 12 months have been returned to us or have been destroyed (intentionally) in customs. It’s very very sad.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  2. Leslie says

    Oh those are gorgeous! I think my favorite is the witch hat! I have a question though: So you are brushing the powder on without using any type of fixative, right? What keeps it from rubbing off?

    • says

      The soap has a little bit of natural moisture so the mica sticks like a dream if you just do a light dusting (blowing off the excess). We did a test soap with hair spray but it didn’t look as good as we had hoped (worked better with the glitter project).

      Just wrap them right away and you’ll be golden.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry