Bees Soap Kit

These sweet honey soaps from our Bees Soap Kit are perfect for spring! Instead of using a soap colorant, these are subtly tinted just with fragrance oils. It’s also a super simple project for beginners that allows you to really play around with the natural discoloration of our Oatmeal Milk and Honey, and Vanilla Select fragrances.


2 pounds of Honey Melt and Pour Soap Base

Bee and Honeycomb Mold

1 oz Oatmeal Milk and Honey Fragrance Oil

1 oz Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil

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ONE: Cut up 1 pound of Honey Melt and Pour into small chunks, and place in a microwave-safe container.  Microwave in 30 second bursts until melted. Careful! Don’t overheat the soap; you don’t want it to steam or boil.

TWO: Stir in .5 ounce of fragrance oil and mix well. I did a fun combination of Oatmeal Milk and Honey and Vanilla Select (equal parts) for the darker soap. It has a beautiful natural discoloration.

THREE:  Slowly pour the soap into each cavity of your mold and spritz with rubbing alcohol to eliminate air bubbles. Let the soap cool for 4-6 hours before unmolding.

FOUR: Repeat these steps to make 4 more soaps.

Bonus: Lightly scent the soap or leave it completely unscented for a different color hue.

For more basics on melt and pour soapmaking, check out our series for beginners on Soap Queen TV!


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  1. Dawnia says

    Hi –
    We made these exact soaps. Very cute! Only problem is they seem to sweat. Inside in AC!!Is this characteristic of the honey M&P? When we used the Like CP M&P, no sweat at all, even if we don’t wrap it.

  2. Danni says

    How cute is the little bee on there? :)
    I never thought about mixing those 2 fragrances either. I have to try that.
    I never really thought about discoloration in melt and pour either- I never seem to get it in the few MP soaps I do. HP or CP well that’s another story as I look at a curing rack filled with brown soap. LOL

    This is a really cute idea!

  3. Rose says

    What an awesome idea! I do have that mold also :)
    I only generally use fragrance oils with vanillin to “color” or “discolor” my cold process soaps but never thought about melt and pour.