How to Make Nail Polish Video

Our Nail Polish base has been such a popular item at Bramble Berry but it can be a little tricky to use. So I made this Soap Queen Short video to show how easy it is to make your own custom nail polish. I’m excited to point out that we now have mini nail polish bottles at Bramble Berry so you can create a full spectrum of color options from one little 4 oz can of base!

To make the nail polish in this video you will need:

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25 Responses to “How to Make Nail Polish Video”

  1. Sharlene says:

    I die to try it, but can’t be shipped to Puerto Rico :(

    • We’d love for you to be able to try it Sharlene, but unfortunately we can’t air ship it. But, if it ever becomes available to do that, we will definitely announce it. :)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

      • Mari Boyd Lewis says:

        Hi Sharlene and Becky, You can shipped to Miami, Fl. and from there is very easy to send it to Puerto Rico. It might be a little extra or expensive, but it´s worth trying.
        Hope this info is helpful.

        Mari Boyd-Lewis

  2. kay says:

    how long does it last if used on nails?

  3. [...] You can never have too much nail polish, and making your own? Perfect. Anne-Marie, aka The Soap Queen, shares a short video on how to mix your own. The clear nail polish base can be a bit tricky to work with, so she shares her secrets. Find it here. [...]

  4. Gabi says:

    Great video! I’ll have to try this.

    I do, however, have an unrelated question:

    In your opinion, what are the most effective more natural preservatives in the cosmetic industry?

    If I was to use potassium sorbate, what would you include to go along with it?

    • Good morning, Gabi!

      Currently there isn’t a good quality, affordable, all-natural preservative on the market for home crafters. Some people try to use anti-oxidants like Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), Rosemary Oleoresin (ROE) or Vitamin E in their products, but these aren’t actually preservatives and will not prevent mold and bacteria from growing in your products.

      For more information on preservatives, here is a blog post we put out last year that goes over them:

      Talk It Out Tuesday: Preservatives:

      Potassium Sorbate is typically used as a food preservative and we’ve never used it in our bath & body products and don’t know how it would react with them. Potassium Sorbate typically has a pH level that is below 5, which is way lower than what you would be using in a typical lotion.

      I hope this helps! =)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  5. Nema says:

    I was wondering how sheer does the polish go on? Would I just need to add more mica to get a richer more opaque color? Or is there another product I would have to use? About how many bottles could I make with a 4oz can. Thanks!

  6. Tracy says:

    Hi, thanks so much for the video.
    I have a few questions.
    Does the nail polish separate after a while with the supplies you used in this video?
    What would you use to make a very creamy color?
    How could one create a color that would be like a pantone color?
    Also, is this how the indie polish makers make their lines?
    Thank you so much for your insights!

  7. Annee says:

    Dear Becky/Kristen from Bramble Berry,

    I’m so grateful that I found this excellent site, it has provided me with loads of information.
    The thing is I’m currently planning on making bulk of nail polish as well as indie polishes to sell for charity purposes.
    I need glitter suspension base and also any lacquer base that can hold up the glitters and mica from sinking.
    However, I couldn’t find a site that sell these base with worldwide shipping.
    Hence, if your company do sell the products that I desperately need or you know any other site please reply me.
    Your assistance is highly appreciated.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Thanks again.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Annee!

      Currently we can only ship our suspending nail polish base (which does hold glitters + mica) to the lower 48 states as stated by law. What area are you in and I can see if I can suggest something for you! =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  8. brittany says:

    can you mix lab colors in the nail polish to get a jelly effect? have you tried it

  9. Jill says:

    Is it possible to make cream (not frosted or glittered) nail polish with the bases? The oxides just seem to lump up and never mix in completely.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I just received the nail polish kit in the mail. My daughter and I had a great time making it! I just have one question: the base was very think and I had time pouring it without making a mess! Any suggestions?

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      I’m so glad you and your daughter enjoyed the kit, it’s a great girly project to do together :). I wonder if the thickness could have been due to temperature? We have found this polish to be a consistency that is easy to work with. I might recommend warming it up slightly before use. Wrapping a warm towel around the bottle for a few minutes might help! :)

      -Amanda with Bramble Berry

  11. Brandi says:

    I have a question and I know it seems silly but in this video it shows using 2 nail polish mixing balls but in your tutorials it only says to use one.I am wondering does it matter?I have only bought 5 bottles of nail polish in my life and I honestly didn’t know they had them til I started researching for our girls night out party we are having soon.I have 3 daughters and want to be sure I get plenty of everything. Also if you have any suggestions for what I should get besides color? I am just buying most of the color from one of your above links.Thanks in advance.

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