Mother’s Day Bath Tea

Mother’s Day is coming up (and coming up quick!). This is an easy project for you to make with kids too (eh hem, Dads…). Let mom relax this mother’s day with herbal infused bath time. I have two fabulous recipes to pick from that are both relaxing and moisturizing. Your mom deserves it (I know my mom does)!
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RECIPE ONE: Healing Orange Bath Tea
8 mini scoops of Orange Peel Powder
6 ml Orange ValenciaEssential Oil
Small mixing bowl
My creation

ONE: In your small mixing bowl, combine the Chamomile, Calendula, Orange Peel Powder, Vitamin E Oil and Orange Valencia Essential Oil.

TWO: Mix ingredients together so the oil is evenly distributed. Use your fingers to fill the tea bag with the herbs.

THREE: Seal the open ends of the tea bag with a hot iron.

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RECIPE TWO: Relaxing Rose and Lavender Bath Tea
Small mixing bowl


Picture 709

ONE: In  your small mixing bowl, combine the Lavender, Rose Petals, Vitamin E Oil and Hungarian Lavender Essential oil.

TWO: Mix ingredients together and fill the tea bag with the herbs.

THREE: Seal the open ends of the tea bag with a hot iron.

*Note: It’s normal for the oil to soak through the tea bag just a little. It’s the price we must pay for a fabulously scented and moisturizing bath. Leave the oil out of the recipe if you do not want the oil marks on the tea bag.


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  1. Anne-Marie says

    Yes, the quantities I used made one large tea bag. I think it could also work if you split up the batch and filled up two large tea bags about half way.

  2. Yogamaya says

    Looks like a great idea, can’t wait to try it. Anne-Marie I have a question about the quantities in the recipes. Are the amounts you use meant to fill only one large tea bag, or more?

  3. Lindsay Evans says

    Hey AnneMarie!

    I’m one of those people that refuse to iron anything, so I use a cheapo flat iron to seal my bath tea bags!

    Much easier than lugging out the old iron.. or buying one…

  4. Anne-Marie says

    Either option works but yes, option 2 is certainly a better option. But, realistically, consumers probably won’t go through quite all of that trouble. =)

  5. EZ says

    Hi Anne-Marie!

    I have a question. Do you just drop the bag into the tub while filling it with water? Or you should boil some water,steep tea in it for few hours, and then add this flavored water into tub?

    First option is easier, but second can allow to get more benefits out from herbs.


  6. Megan says

    I’ve never made bath tea before — but that looks amazing! It would be a perfect mother’s day gift!

    and thanks for the comment on the hawaiian fruit set. I love the pineapple too!

  7. Michelle says

    Thanks for sharing! Bath teas have always been a favorite around here. I like your recipe :)

  8. Jan says

    I love this and will make it!! Thank you Anne-Marie for putting these great ideas on your blog. I love them all!