Bath Bomb Cupcakes – Day One – The Cupcakes


Makes 12 Bath Bomb Cupcakes

 1 lb.  Citric Acid

2 lbs. Baking Soda

 spritzer filled with Witch Hazel

 Fragrance: Anything sweet – we like Hello Sweet Thang! or Buttercream & Snickerdoodle

 Silicone Cupcake Mold (NEW!)

 Mica or La Bomb Colorant

Labcolor (we used Canary for the bright yellow frosting)


Cosmetic Body Safe Glitter


 Cupcake Liners


Step 1:  Place the Citric Acid and Baking soda in your mixing bowl. Use your fingers to break up any clumps that might be in the mixture. The goal is a smooth and small grained mixture.


Step 2: Add fragrance. Since each bath fizzy needs to scent an entire tub, you’ll want to use a good amount of fragrance. 1/3 ounce is a good place to start all the way up to 1/2 ounce per pound of mixture.


Step 3: Add four to seven drops of color. If you are using LaBomb (FD&C based colors in glycerin) the color will immediately bead up and clump. Work this around with your fingers to break up the clumps or use a sieve.

Step 4: Mix the color and fragrance in thoroughly. This is important as clumps of fragrance or moisture can turn into wart-like protrusions on your bath fizzy.


Step 5: Spritz the mixture with 6 squirts of Witch Hazel. Mix in well. Grab some of the mixture and make a fist around it. Does the mixture stay together? If it does, it’s ready to mold. If it does not hold its shape, do 3 more Witch Hazel spritzes until the mixture forms a shape in your hand when clenched.


Step 6: Turn to your cupcake mold. Are the liners in? Make sure they are firmly in the mold. Take a handful of the dry mixture and press firmly into the molds. The more dense and packed the fizzies are, the longer they will last in the tub.


Step 7: Unlike most fizzies, having an even back is not needed nor recommended. Ideally, you’ll want to mound up the middle of the cupcake because it will help to give your frosting a good base to wind up around.

Step 8: Let the fizzies harden inside the mold. You’ll frost the cupcake bath fizzies while the bath bombs are still inside the cupcake baking sheet.

Check back tomorrow for our super duper improved frosting recipe. It has SLS in it to fizz, whirl and easily melt away in the tub.

Ready for the frosting? Click Here


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  1. southernserenity says

    Im new to bath bombs… these use liners in the cupcake tins, if im using silicone do i need liners? If not should they dry in the molds or out… should they be ” greased” to get the fizzie out? Also how can you package these?

    • says

      Good morning!

      We like using the liners because it makes for such a cute bath bomb, but if you are using the silicone molds you don’t necessarily need one (it’s more of a personal preference). I would test it out and see if you like it with or without the liner by making a small batch.

      You don’t need to grease your mold if you are using a silicone one as your bath bomb fizzies should just pop right out. If you are using a non-silicone mold we do highly suggest using a liner to help get it out.

      The best way we have found to package these cute little cupcake fizzies is to use a cello bag or plastic wrap.

      Here is a Soap Queen TV episode that I think might help you out:

      Happy Bath Bomb Making!
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  2. Hunter says

    Could I use regular soap colorants to color these or will it fizz prematurely….


    • says

      Hi Hunter!

      You can use other soap colorants as long as they are not water-based (any water-based colorant or additive will cause the cupcakes to fizz). But, if you use other colorants they may leave a colored ring around your bathtub.

      We like using the La Bomb colorants because they are specifically made for bath bomb usage, but a small amount of mica in your bath bombs is going to work just fine!

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  3. siobhan says

    Thanks for that, so I add all the normal ingredients just no colour? A girl wants me to make an ivory and white one….I am stuck as a white base and a white frosting might look odd. Glitter is a great tip though.

    • says

      I think sprinkling with glitter would definitely help with the ‘finished’ look or if you want to do plain white, a slightly colored base would definitely help make it look intentional. But lots of cakes and cupcakes have white toppings so I don’t think it would be unfinished looking to not have color =)

  4. Masami says

    Hi Anne-Marie, I’ve decided to give the cupcake bath bombs a go after the longest time but I have one question! Can I substitute witch hazel with another ingredient? Rubbing alcohol or water, perhaps? I found a local website that sells witch hazel but it’s terribly expensive. :(

    • says

      Witch Hazel is really the best. Water is definitely a no-no. It will make the bath bomb prematurely fizz. Try your local drug store for witch hazel. Many use it as facial toners.

      If you really don’t want to use witch hazel just add a little bit of extra oil until it sticks together.

      Courtney from Bramble Berry

  5. Anne-Marie says

    Hi Roseann,
    What fragrance did you use? That sounds like discoloration due to the Vanilla content in your fragrance. Try testing with some Vanilla Color Stabilizer mixed in with your fragrance oil before adding it to your frosting. Hope this helps!

  6. Roseann says

    Hello, I made this recipe about two months ago and had a few left over and noticed what looks like mold, brown spots on the fizzy base. I popped off the icing tops and the base is covered in dark spots like mold. These were kept in an open air conditioned environment. Can anyone tell me what went wrong. They were otherwise beautiful – icing hard, base firm. I'd like to begin selling these, but if they go bad in 6-8 weeks?????

  7. Anne-Marie says

    Regina, Here’s the “old” frosting recipe without SlS:

    It was a fine recipe but the frosting sort of floated in the tub for like 30 minutes before crumbling. Rather than dissolving and adding to the bathing experience.

    You could do either frosting recipe though and they’d look equally cute.

    Karrie, You definitely could do oil or butter in the recipe if that’s your preference. I tend to not like the slippery tub thing so don’t formulate much with oil BUT I promise to do a bath melt for you one of these days so you’ll get the 411 on making a great bath melt.

  8. karrie says

    this is so cool. I was just wondering why there is no oil or butter in the recipe? Isn’t that the whole reason for using a bath bomb? Thanks Karrie

  9. Regina says

    I’ve not yet made a bath bomb before! Tell me for true, do you really really have to have the SLS in the mix? I realize it is added for foam, but are there alternatives? It’s about the only thing that stops me from snappin’ up that kit! Talk about a fun thing to do on mother’s day with 3 generations!


  10. mykidsnI says

    If you make the soap frosting out of foaming bath whip, you can store it in a baggie for later use and just heat it up a bit. As for attaching the soap frosting to the cupcake you can use a little m/p soap add a couple drops to the bottom of the soap frosting and then attach to the bottom of cupcake. you can see mine at

  11. Anne-Marie says

    Good Morning!

    The bath bomb recipe makes 12 mounded cupcakes with a little extra frosting. I don't know about making it ahead of time – maybe making it and putting a damp dish towel over the top of it might help to keep it fresh but I don't think that will work for more than a day.

    The blissful bath cupcakes are adorable – I think they are using a mold to make the "ridge". Their site it super cute …

  12. Two Rivers Soap Company says


    Thanks for the tutorial. It looks like a lot of fun. How many cupcakes does this recipe make, and what about the frosting recipe? (for some reason the posting section is not working on Part II)

    Also, do you have a source for bulk meringue powder?


  13. newbloger says

    I like blissful bath cupcake bath bomb base ( cake part ) I like the ridge at the top, any Ideas on what they use to get that shape?

  14. Burnt Mill Candles and Soap says

    thanks! can’t wait for part 2 these are on my next up list to try out

  15. Dearly says

    I am anxious to try this new frosting recipe. The main problem I have with bath cupcakes is that the icing always falls off – whether it is soap frosting, or real sugar icing. Only have this problem with the fizzie cupcakes – never with the soap cupcakes.

  16. Anonymous says

    I always heard to not use yellow for bombs. Yellow water in the tub, you know what it looks like, LOL.


  17. katw0man says

    OK, NOW i see the “key”…!

    the mounding in the middle.
    This is what keeps their “hat” on!

    so often I make too much frosting
    also. This is a waste of ingredients; those meringue white by Wilton are Very Very expensive.

    Anne Marie, do you think there might be a way to make the frostings in advance and store them for future so it can be handy to attach later? Do you think we could maybe spritz those surfaces with Witch Hazel to attach later if so?

    Or, maybe some melted cocoa butter or something sticky gooey?

    but the mounding seems to be the key!!! yay!

  18. Joanna says

    I am actually looking for deep molds, like large votive shapes, to make a tall cupcake. I think flat ones aren’t as GRAND looking…. any suggestions?

    Am still waiting for frosting recipe…biting nails…. 😉