Soap Queen Sunday and Fizzies Galore!,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was drizzly and cold here in Bellingham so it was a perfect day to be in the studio filming episodes of Soap Queen TV. I’m so excited for these episodes to air. We made the cutest bath bomb cupcakes, patriotic fizzies and 3D mondo bath bombs.

“Bath Bomb Cupcakes: Take One” (Look, we even got an official clapboard!)
Picture 668
“A Table Full of Cuteness”
Picture 660
“Mondo Bath Bombs in Progress”I can’t wait to share these episodes with you. If you’ve ever had trouble with bath fizzies, making the mondo stainless steel bath bomb molds stick together or couldn’t figure out how to frost your cupcake, these two episodes will solve those mysteries and more. This upcoming week, the last of the Basic Cold Process series airs and I’ll have the Advanced Premium Swirling SoapQueen.TV videos done soon thereafter.


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  1. Rosa says

    La verdad tus videos me ayudan mucho, ademas que eres muy entretenida, gracias por ayudarnos

  2. Anne-Marie says

    I’m really glad you have the DVD. It goes into more depth and the more knowledge you have about soaping, the better your chances of a perfect batch each and every time are =)

  3. Anne-Marie says

    Thanks for the business! I appreciate it. The Stainless Steel Mondo Bath Fizzy molds are awesome and man, do they make one HUGe fizzy =)

  4. Anne-Marie says

    He is?! I am so proud of him. I just beat him by 2 points last night in the very last move. He was sweetly miffed. So I’m defending your honor, in a roundabout way =)

  5. Anne-Marie says

    The SoapyLove molds are all great but definitely agree that the stacked star (and the checkered heart) make awesome bath bomb molds.

  6. Anne-Marie says

    When the director brought it in, I seriously started screeching with joy and almost teared up. I was soooo excited.

  7. mariana says

    Super cute stars and cupcakes!!! I can’t wait your new videos!!!!
    I did some verbena bombs and I am building my blog to share with you and all your followers!!!

    Love your table full of cuteness!!


    from Mar D. Jabones

  8. TeresaR says

    Your videos are always fabulous!! I just watched the first 2 episodes in your CP soap series this past weekend (of course, I have your DVD on that too). :)

  9. Sindy Anderson says

    Cool I just ordered some of the stainless steel bathbomb molds. I can hardly wait to watch this episode!

  10. Donna Maria Coles Johnson says

    … And by the way, since I cannot comment on the Mr. Wonderful pictures, may I just say for the record that he is decidedly not wonderful when he beating me to a pulp at Scrabble. Just had to say that, you know.

  11. Erin Pikor says

    Those look great – can’t wait to see the video!
    The Soapylove star mold makes a great bath bomb mold too!