Lily Days are Here to Stay (Baby Update)

Amber and I just returned from a quick visit to the hospital to see Anne-Marie and family, including little Miss Lily (it isn’t official but the name has stuck so far!). Mama and baby are doing great, with baby clocking in at 6 pounds 2 oz and 19 inches. But let’s just cut to the chase; the chase, of course, being a gratuitous amount of adorable baby pictures. =)

Daddy Mommy and Lily

First Yawn

Lily's Eyes Open

Daddy and Lily

Mommy and Lily

Just Lily

 Don’t worry, there will be many more to come!

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  1. says

    Anne-Marie!! Gorgeous!! Congrats! We missed you at conference this year, but of course for very good reason!! Snuggle tight with those kiddoes!!


  2. says

    Awww she’s so precious. What a little beauty! Congratulations mom and dad! I am so happy for you.
    Sending love your way,

  3. says

    The power of a woman to bring new life into this world is mind-boggling. No matter what she endures or how many years may pass, a mother does not forget the first second she lays her eyes on her newborn baby. “Love at First Sight” does not really describe the immenseness of this single moment in time.

    I can so clearly recall the day my first son was born 31 years ago this month, and the subsequent births of my daughters and youngest son. Although I will never experience this magical moment again myself, I came pretty close watching 3 of my 8 grandchildren enter the world. My oldest son and his wife will never truly realize the gift they gave me and my husband when they allowed us to be part of these intimate and amazing events.

    So it is with a tiny bit of wistful envy and my deepest, most sincere well-wishes that I congratulate you and your family on the arrival of your little flower. Miss Lily will forever change the dynamics of your family in the most amazing ways possible, and as she flowers into first a child, then a teenager and young woman, she will compel you to redefine yourself as a wife, mother and woman time and time again.

    Peace & Happy Trails,
    Scherry C & AvieMare

  4. says

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of your gift … your pink bundle of joy!!! I hope you are all blessed with good health and plenty of love in the family.

  5. says

    Anne Marie looks so amazing after giving birth and what a beautiful baby! Thanks for the update, they have been in our prayers. :)

  6. says

    Congratulations on beautiful Bramble Baby #2! She is a delight already, I can tell. (I hated those blood pressure cuffs when I was in the hospital! Bet you’re glad to have that off!)

    Welcome to your new family of four! “Happy Soaping, Bramble Girl!”

  7. Terri says

    She is beautiful!!! (And born on my oldest daughter’s birthday!)

    Jamison is going to be a wonderful big brother. You’ve taught him love and kindness, and he’ll pass it on to his little sister.

    Congratulations to the whole family!

  8. Doreen says

    Another little red head!! Gorgeous!! Congratulations to you and your family!!Love the name…she is a little doll!!

  9. Patricia says

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! The sweet little gift has arrived! I see a family resemblance to Jamison in that second photo, for sure!

    Congrats, Anne-Marie! She’s beautiful, just like her mama!

  10. Gloria says

    Aw. She is so beautiful, just like her mom and dad and Jamisen too. So rare to see a baby with open eyes on their day of birth. Best wishes to all!

  11. Nickie says

    YAAAAY! 😀 Congrats! She is beautiful..just how God made her. Funny how you replied to my comment (“sprinkle” post)& said that hopefully she’ll arrive w/in the next day or 2….it was 3, so close 😉
    Can’t wait for more baby posts (& ofcourse Jamisen too)

  12. Suzanne Alexander says

    Congratulations to Anne-Marie and family! What a beautiful and healthy-looking baby girl!

  13. Marielitos Archila Garcia says

    Congratulations!!! You have a beautiful family!! God Bless YOu!!!

  14. Susie says

    As a grammy to my own ‘Miss Lily’ these photos bring tears to my eyes. I look forward to seeing more!

  15. Dawnia says

    Congratulations!! Beautiful Family! Can’t wait to follow along as the Princess and Prince grow up together! More pics please!

  16. Madea says

    Congratulations! You all look so happy and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

  17. Tanya says

    I congratulate on birth of wonderful daughter! Health and happiness to all monogynopaedium! (Ukraine cooks soap also)))

  18. Nagwan says

    Oh God. I missed out yesterday. i was in the fields.
    Hi Anne. Its great to know that the soap princess is here “baby Bramble”. Just look at those tiny silky cheeks. those sweet palms will touch mummy’s cheek. may you be blest. May her arrival be a blessing to the family and business. May she be guarded by God’s grace.
    Beautiful baby.
    Congratulations Anne-marie

  19. says

    I just love her! I’m so very happy for you A-M! She is a beautiful addition to your already amazing family. Congratulations to you and all those who will get to love on her. She really is amazing.

  20. Stacey H. says

    She’s just gorgeous! Looks like she has the lovely strawberry blonde hair her older brother has. Congrats again to the family!

  21. Bronwyn says

    How the heck do you look so beautiful after just giving birth?

    Congrats to the whole family!

  22. Ariane Arsenault says

    She is SOOO adorable! Congratulations and welcome to the new Soap Princess!

  23. Kristie says

    Congratulations! She is beautiful, and a wonderful addition to your happy family. Thank you for sharing such a personal time, and your precious baby’s first pictures with us. <3

  24. Marleny says

    Such a beautiful baby, just look at those chubby cheeks! So adorable. Congratulations Anne Marie and family!

  25. Gretchen says

    Congratulations to all! With so much ugliness in the news, it’s good to have a reminder of the beauty of life. Enjoy your little miracle, and thank you all for sharing with us!

  26. Leah Herbas says

    She is precious. Anne Marie you look beautiful even after just giving birth :)

  27. Shelia says

    You all look so cute. Such a beautiful baby. How does Jamisen like his new sister? Congratulations to you and your family.

  28. Michell says

    She is soooo beautiful!!! Anne-Marie looks beautiful too! Congrats to all, enjoy your new blessing.

  29. says

    A million more congratulations. She is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen. Welcome to the Bramble world, baby girl!

  30. says

    Congratulations!!! Oh my look at those chubby cheeks. She’s precious =) almost makes me want another baby… almost. I think 3 children are more than enough though lol.

  31. Lona Bremer says

    Only Anne-Marie could look Radiant and Beautiful without make up after just having a baby! Thankyou so much for sharing with us!! Such a Handsome Family and Precious Baby!!

  32. Maria says

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute!!!…congratulations!!! ~ another beautiful Gift from God —-> an Angel…♥~♥~♥

  33. Sarah Pruiett says

    Huge congratulations to you, Anne-Marie, and your beautiful and growing family. She is perfect and precious and you look wonderful!

  34. says

    Oh,dese God,she is a-do-ra-ble! And the mommy looks great! I love babies and this one is perfect! May God be with you all, I share your happiness! Congrats!

  35. Rachel says

    Congratulations!!!! This is such a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing with us. Best wishes!

  36. Michele says

    Congrats on the new bundle of joy! She’s perfect and you look FABULOUS Anne-Marie.