Happy Valentine’s Day

Picture 071 Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!Picture 054 Today is an especially sweet day for me because I’m picking my dear Husband up at the airport. He’s been in Saudi Arabia on business for eight days now and his plane should be landing any minute.valentine heart These are some fun soaps I cooked up for Valentine’s Day using the Milky Way Simple hearts, cutting the hearts horizontally, building a soap sandwich and then embedding the heart sandwiches in the silicone tray mold. They were lots of fun to make!

Picture 067


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  1. Carol says

    My son was in Iraq and Afganistan for his company that contracts with the military. I know how good it feels to have them back safe and sound!!

  2. katw0man says

    i am sure you are so glad to have
    him back, and i hope he gets over
    jet lag soon! it can really make you feel whacked out!

    saudi is a long way from home!