Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Some soapy St. Patrick’s Day eye candy to nosh on.

Green Beer Cold Process (scented with Honey Ale)

Melt and Pour Faded Green Layers (scented with Sweet Pea)

Check out some lucky St. Patty’s Day projects from the past.

Plaid Shamrock Melt and Pour

Chunky St. Patty’s Soap Scraps

Lucky Shamrock Soap

OR see the St. Patrick’s Day themed page at Bramble Berry.Com

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    • Anne-Marie says

      Thank you! The faded layers are a really fun way to make the bleeding part of Labcolros “work” for you in MP (and CP) soap. =)

  1. says

    I love the new look of your site. The filed under and posted by at the top of each heading is great and I love the background.