Scented Fingers and Toes?

Remember This? Scented nail polish is back and apparently, is better than ever. If tires can smell like lavender, nail polish should smell like strawberry. Revlon is launching eight new scented nail polishes this month, aply titled “Fruitful Temptations“. Fruit has inspired their sweet fragrances like “Not So Blueberry” and “Sublime Strawberry“, certainly to beat out the regular fragrance of nail polish I like to call “Super Headache“. I can’t wait to try all 8 fruity creations! It will definitely bring me back to my high school days (sigh). Girls night anyone?


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  1. mokie says

    I remember those. I still HAVE some of those. It seemed like once the first whiff of banana passed, they were even stinkier than regular nail polish.

    Don’t make me think too hard about this, or I’ll have to do some serious introspection on the blue lipstick and white eyeshadow.

  2. Lisa Kennally says

    Looking forward to these – I also think the regular nail polish is “super headache” and I have avoided wearing it on a regular basis for that reason. Hope they have a scented polish in clear or french style! I just may bring it to my favorite nail salon! Thanks Ann Marie!