What’s New for Fall

New items are rolling into the Bramble Berry warehouse what seems like every day! We are keeping busy finding shelf space for all the new goodies. Even with the shelf puzzles, we are finding 30 seconds to vote daily for Bramble Berry in the Fed Ex Grant Contest. We’d love your vote too so we can build a virtual Soap University! Vote HERE.

Here’s a round up of the latest additions to the Bramble Berry family:

Production Assistance

Bath Bomb Maker

What's New: Pour able Silicone

Pourable SiliconeE-Book Making Silicone MoldsDIY Pourable Silicone Kit with E-book

Packaging and Miscellaneous Tools

What's New: Tools

Top Row: Cube Box, KD7000  Scale,  Powder Duster

Middle Row:  Stackable Lip Pot – CapStackable Lip Pot – Body,  Stackable Lip Pot – Base

Bottom Row: Easy Pour Mixing and Measuring ContainerNail Polish BottleBalm Tin with Twist Top

Product Additions and Accessories

What's New: Ropes, Beads and Powders

Top Row: Passion Fruit Jojoba BeadsLapiz Blue Jojoba BeadsLagoon Green Jojoba Spheres

Middle Row: Surplus Soap Rope – Green GoldSurplus Soap Rope – Blue GraySurplus Soap Rope – Brown

Bottom Row:  Aqua Pearl MicaAntique Silver MicaWashing Soda

Glittery and Bright Nail Polish Kit

What's New: Molds

5 Pound Mold With Sliding Bottom & Guest Tree Mold

Fragrance and Essential Oil

Bay Laurel Essential Oil and Cranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil

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  1. delma sandoval says

    Will i be able to make a silicone mold for my 18 bar slab soap mold that i bought from you guys??,Cause the 5 lbs silicone that fits your mold is awesome to use. I would like one for my 18 bar slab mold.Or is there a way i can order one already made from you ??T he liner saves so much time from lining your mold.

  2. Lisa says

    Mmm… pourable silicone sounds interesting. It is really that easy to make our own silicone moulds?