Soap Queen Projects on Facebook

I am always so thrilled when I see soaps that were inspired by a Soap Queen tutorial (melts my heart). Here are some projects that were posted on the Bramble Berry Facebook page! Become a fan and show off your soaps. Until then, enjoy some soapy inspiration:

Tammy Wall-Brodbeck  posted her pinwheels via Facebook.
Handmade Soaps posted Swirled M&P via Facebook
Cassandra J. J, Resudek Posted her Plaid Soaps
Holly Port shared her Sugar Cubes
Christne Gaudinier shared her Citrus Slices
Check out these tutorials by clicking on the links below and give these projects a try:


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  1. says

    Wow, how did I miss this post?!? My soap is in it! So cool to see my soap posted on your blog! Thanks for sharing it (10 months later, lol!)! 😀

  2. Tammy @ Milk and Cookeez says

    Thanks so much Anne-Marie! I would like to thank you for the tutorial, without your Pinwheel tutorial I would have never known how to make m&p more flexible. I just bought a round cookie cutter last week and Ill try tackling those fortune cookies when I get a few minutes :)

  3. Courtney says

    How very thoughtful of you Anne-Marie! Good looking stuff here. :) Only problem for me is I can NEVER get my sugar scrub cubes to come out right. Gah!