Soap Crafting Party Recap

On Thursday, August 29 I was so lucky to participate in an author event at Bellingham’s locally owned Village Books. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was touched by the support of friends, family, soapmakers and the Bellingham community.

The evening started off with a ticketed event hosted in the home of Chuck and Dee Robinson, owners of Village Books. They live conveniently right above the bookstore! How great would it be to live right above your business? I mean seriously; I would never leave. Their home is beautiful, their art inspirational and I was grateful to them for opening it up to my soapy friends and fans. As a bonus, proceeds from ticket sales benefited the Boys and Girls Club of Whatcom County! You can’t beat cupcakes and treats for a good cause.

Setting up cupcakes and desserts from Pure Bliss

Complete with Soap Queen crowns! Yummy Salted Caramel, Lemon Bliss, and Red Velvet.

Jamisen’s latest skill – cheers! With a champagne flute of orange juice. =)

And my other special guest, Miss Lily Leah, who was enthralled by her Aunt Cheriss off to the right in this picture.

My brother Erik was there well, despite having to battle some seasonal allergies. 

Bellingham City Councilwoman Cathy Lehman and CEO, Carol Frazey, checking out a copy of Soap Crafting

After Chuck and Dee’s condo, we headed downstairs to the Reading Room where I gave a presentation about the process of recipe testing, writing and editing the book and working with a publisher for the first time. Synopsis? It took two years and multiple editors and copyrighters and I loved working with Storey Publishing.

I was delighted by the turnout, and the crowd was (thankfully!) receptive to my talk. It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster to revisit the different stages of the book writing process over the last two years (!), and there were thoughtful questions from the crowd on everything from my time-management strategies (I’m a Crenshaw devotee) to how to subsitute lard in the recipes in the book. Everyone left the event with a soap favor or two from recipes in the book. There were even requests for me to sign copies (which I’m still a little amazed by).

A bouquet of flowers, soap, and kale (I know, right???!!) from my parents who weren’t able to make the 5 hour trip. 

So many photos were taken that evening! Here I am with Silvia Reed, the founder of Bellingham Explorer.

Thank you again to everyone who attended the reading — I had a wonderful time and it was fantastic to feel the love from the soaping community. And, the bookstore did as well. Soap Crafting was the Number One (#1!!!!) book sold at Village books last week. Woot Woot, indeed! If you want more Soap Crafting goodness, join our brand new Soap Crafting Club! You’ll have access to personalized instructions and feedback directly from me on how to make recipes from the book. Click here to check it out and read more, and happy soaping =)

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  1. says

    I love your new book and so far have made the pumpkin spice bars and avocado moisturizing bars. Directions are easy to follow, photographs of soap are amazing, and looking forward to trying other recipes. Thanks so much for your 2 years of hard work-you are an inspiration to all soapmakers!

  2. Susie says

    I am reading the book for the second time…. love the photographs and the soap designs. So you were surprised that guests wanted you to sign the book, not me… to have you autograph this book is on my bucket list! :)

  3. zjacquelyn says

    What a great event and fitting kick-off for your book. I think this book is perfect for an experienced soap maker like me who wants to be more creative and get out of the routine a bit.Your hard work and expertise has produced another great product. congrats! By the way, I pre-ordered..twice! A friend will soon have the second copy. One of these days when our paths again cross I will have you autograph mine.

    • says

      Pre-ordering twice should get you double the love! Ha =) Thank you so much for believing in the book enough to buy it ahead of time. That means a lot to me.

      I’m am so happy that you think the book is interesting and you see value in it, even though you’re a more experienced soapmaker. That is a big compliment.

      Thank you for being a supporter. I appreciate it.

  4. says

    Sounds like a fantastic night all around! You are an excellent speaker so I’m sure it went well. Congratulations again on the book, an amazing accomplishment. I’ve seen an electronic copy so I know how great the book is, but I’m looking forward to my hard copy which should arrive very soon… And all the copies we ordered to sell in the studio. Great pics, thanks for sharing :)

    • says

      Awwww, that means a lot coming from you. Thank you! You’re a great speaker yourself! =)

      What a huge compliment that you’ll be carrying the book at the studio. That is awesome news.

      The hard copy of the book is breathtaking if you love soap; the photos are absolutely out of this world (thanks to the great photographer, Lara Ferroni, that we worked with).

      Thank you always for your kind support.

  5. Lyz says

    You’re book was one of the first things I bought in my very first order from Bramble Berry. I didn’t know the significance of the book until recently and even happier that I made that purchase. What a wonderful evening! Thanks for sharing :)

    I love the book!!!

  6. Lyz says

    You’re book was one of the first things I bought in my very first order from Bramble Berry. I didn’t know the significance of the book until recently and even happier that I made that purchase. What a wonderful evening! Thanks for sharing :)

    I love the book!!!

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