Pelt the COO with Eggs

This time of year is really exciting for us at Bramble Berry and Otion. It’s when people start to think about Christmas – if they’re a small business, they’re thinking about Christmas and stocking up for holiday shows and if they’re a hobbyist, they’re thinking about what they can make to show love to their family and friends. Either way, we’re excited to help in any way we can to make the holidays a huge success. One of the ways we try and help is by getting orders out as quickly as we can with no mistakes. We’re not always 100% perfect but we really really do try.

My creation


Our COO, Norman, came up with a fun way to help our new and seasonal helpers (and lucky kids visiting their Moms!) understand the concept of customer service and how precious each and every customer is to us. He explained that each one of our orders is like an egg – it’s important, it has lots of steps that go into making it and each order needs to be handled carefully – like an egg.

My creation
He staged an egg toss (with prizes for everyone) and an egg run with tablespoons. The monetary prizes may have motivated some but they definitely weren’t the only motivation. For every egg that we didn’t break in the egg toss or egg run, we could throw the eggs at Norm.
After Fed Ex had picked up for the day, Norm suited up in rain gear and protective eye wear and let us all pelt him with eggs. I am proud to state that I hit him the most of anyone. Either everyone was scared to hit him or I had a lot of motivation stored up.


It was a great way to bring the whole Bramble Berry team together to laugh, to learn and to form strong bonds that will help get us through the busy holiday season with grace and speed.




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  1. Carol says

    What an awesome way to do some team building and make a point at the same time! Way to go Norm!

  2. TeresaR says

    Wow, Kat has a good memory…on a good day, I remember my kids' names.

    Norman sure is a good sport!

  3. miranda andrews says

    It's posts like these that keep me coming back for more, Anne-Marie! Well… and all the other posts too! 😀

    Also, Kat, THAT. IS. HILARIOUS. (!!!)

  4. Anne-Marie says

    OMG, Kat, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that. It's funny, when I spoke at the Nellie Cashman awards, I mentioned Norman from up stage and said he was my 'No Man'. Poor guy always has to tell me no but it's a great working relationship and I'm sure it's the reason that BB is a stable, sustainable business (knock on wood).

    LACEY! Yay! So happy to hear from you. Send us an email with photos of your kids. We totally want to see them! And, get an update on your sis, Kristy too.

    Lynn, Awww, thanks. I'm totally enamored with our entire team and feel so lucky to have them on board.

  5. katw0man says

    And I wanted to commend Jenn on her outstanding cust service.

    She really helped me out yesterday and other occasions too.

  6. katw0man says

    I like this post.

    Now why, pray tell, Anne-Marie, did you have plenty of stored up motivation to hit Norm….hmm?

    I recall a post of a runway, a blonde in a red Chinese tight fitting chinoise dress, sporting a little red wallet sized new computer…… then right after that the following words posted were……"Norm" "Didn't Allow" and "Buy" all in the same sentence.

    Did that have anything to do with it?" :)


    It's always great to see the faces behind the cheerful, friendly voices at!