On Martha Stewart Radio Friday, 7:30 a.m.

Welcome Martha Stewart Radio listeners! Thank you Regina and Shannon for phoning in questions live while I was on-air.

If you’re looking for the Eco Chic Soap concept we talked about today and how you can use simple plastic containers like yogurt and tupperware for soap molds for your easy starter melt and pour recipes, you can find it here. Other resources for you: TeachSoap.com and the TeachSoap.com Forum.


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  1. Anne-Marie says


    My Dad sat my brother and I down to show us how to read stock market reports and the like when we were young (12ish) and that financial literacy has come in very handy over the years. I feel so lucky that I had super involved parents for that aspect of my upbringing. I agree, kids would be better off if they were taught at a very young age how to manage their finances and read simple financial statements. =)

  2. Regina says

    I have to pipe in here because I can’t really leave it alone.

    1. The comments left by Anonymous would have more clout if a name was left.

    2. If R.K. was specific, would that not undermine his whole theme of thinking creatively? You don’t have to agree with his philosophies to acknowledge that the tools he brings up are good ones.

    How many children have a clue what an income statement and balance sheet are? Is it possible that knowing those “tools” would help them in their futures?

    ok…stepping away from the soap box!


  3. Anne-Marie says

    Anon, I read a variety business and finance books, they always make me think about my business and personal goals in a different way – so I’m always learning something new even if I don’t implement the specific strategy. He was one of the 15 or so speakers I heard over a five day period. He wasn’t my main draw-I was here to listen to Jim Collins =)

    Vinca, I learned how to disable a person in four simple steps and funny enough, Mark Eaton was also in that class! So, he’s got mad ninja skills now too =)

  4. Donna Maria @ Indie Business says

    Martha Stewart rocks, and she rocks even more now that you are on her shows! I don’t have satellite radio but I’m always there in my heart listening to you share your passion and cheering you on! Very excited for you, A-M!

  5. Vinca Leaf Quilts says

    LOL…mkay, to lighten the mood…

    MY GOODNESS, A-M…Mark Eaton is a virtual GIANT compared to you! Please tell me you advised him of your mad ninja skills, so he better not try and dunk you…because he would be HURTIN’.

    And Eco-Chic? I totally PROMISE to post some that I did with square containers. They rock.

  6. Anonymous says

    So regarding your twitter pics – I hope to G-d you did not pay to see Robert Kiyosaki! His books and teachings have been criticized for focusing on anecdotes and containing little in the way of concrete advice on how readers should proceed.

    There is also disagreement over how blurred the line is between fiction and anecdote in many of his works.

    Former real estate investor and author of books on real estate investment John T. Reed has questioned much of what Kiyosaki has claimed to have achieved. According to Reed, much of Kiyosaki’s advice is illegal, makes no sense or is the product of “a rather ignorant, not very bright, novice, investor wannabe.” He concludes his criticism, saying that “Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the dumbest financial advice books I have ever read. It contains many factual errors and numerous extremely unlikely accounts of events that supposedly occurred.”

    ABC ran a 20/20 segment on May 19, 2006 in which Kiyosaki was to advise 3 entrepreneurs on how to make money. They were given $1000 and 20 days to try and make the most money possible. At the end, after mediocre results, the contestants alleged that Kiyosaki never gave concrete advice. “All he [Kiyosaki] does is, I guess, is open your mind to the possibility. He doesn’t tell you how to do it.” At the end, 20/20 asks, “Does anyone really need 18 books to learn to fail?”[1]

    The Wall Street Journal harshly criticised “Why We Want You To Be Rich” by Kiyosaki and Trump as did Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

    Kiyosaki wrote a column in Yahoo Finance in which he blames poverty on laziness. He also implies a religious justification for wealth disparity.

    Kiyosaki has also been associated with multi-level marketing companies such as Amway, and in 2000 gave a keynote speech at a Quixtar conference. On page 135 of Rich Dad’s Who Took My Money?, Kiyosaki states “I often speak to network marketing businesses because they provide low-cost entry for people to start businesses while also providing them valuable training and mentoring.”

    Yeah, we all need more MLMs huh?
    But if you met him for free, kudos!

  7. Regina says

    I'm betting the phone number is 1-866-675-6675 as it's been posted here before!

    Here's a heads up on my question: How do you keep your herb in M&P from turning brown over time. For example, I used cranberry powder with my M&P. It made a beautiful purple that is now slowly turning brown. ;-S Help!