Last Day to Pre-Order Soap Crafting

We’re getting closer and closer to the official release of Soap Crafting, and there is still time to get in on the freebie action! Today is the last day to place a pre-order and not only receive the 240-page, full-color, soapmaking extravaganza that is the Soap Crafting book before everyone else, but also get access to two exclusive video tutorials from the book, plus two never-before-seen project downloads AND a comprehensive, downloadable PDF guide to coloring cold process soap.
Note that these exclusive offers are only available for pre-orders completed through International customers, please e-mail SMA(at)brambleberry(dot)com with your pre-order.
Even better yet, a little bird told us that we may be able to ship the pre-order books as early as next week! =) Also, total side note, one of our awesome team members made the little graphic below. Generally, I wouldn’t be talking about myself in the third person … (ha!)

We’ve been busy making soapy favors for our local book release party at the end of this month using projects from the book, and these are a few videos of us cutting some of the projects this week. Below is the fabulously fall-inspired Pumpkin In-The-Pot Swirl soap:

And this is the fierce Firedrop Swirl, one of my favorite recipes from the book.

Place your pre-order  here and get all the details to a special SoapCrafting club (!!!) before anyone else! What are you most excited to see in the book?

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  1. Pooja says

    Beautiful book I am confident there will be A Soap Crafting 2 in the future .Can’t wait for the Soap crafting Club

  2. Barbara says

    P.S One of my favorite recipes is the Coconut Milk Bars. I’ve always wanted to try coconut milk.

  3. Barbara says

    I just come up for air. I love the book. The photos are gorgeous. I love the step-by-step instructions, and the explanations of everything from color to oils. Anne-Marie has packed this book with so much information that you’ll be going back time after time, which makes this book timeless. I’m a new cp soap maker and this book gives me the confidence I need to develop my craft. Thanks so much and can’t wait to see the surprise you have coming! :-)

  4. Barbara says

    I just got it! The mailman just delivered it. It looks beautiful and I’m going to lock myself in my room. I’ll send you another comment when I come out. They’ll probably have to send out a search and rescue party. :-)

  5. Patricia says

    Yay! I’ve pre-ordered and was hoping it would come out before the 21st as I have to leave town for a week. Hopefully it won’t take too long in the mail, but if so, there will be someone here to receive it.

    I don’t remember hearing about any details about a SoapCrafting club when I signed up. And when I clicked on the link for it, I was just taken to the pre-order page. Is this something new in addition to everything else?

    Also, I don’t know if the problem is on my end or yours, but the link to your “local book release party” didn’t work for me.

    • says

      Good morning, Patricia!

      The book should be coming to you before the 21st, and we can’t wait for you to get it. You will be receiving an insert in your book with more information about the Soap Crafting Club, so be sure to keep an eye out when you get your package! And thanks for the heads up on the local book release party, we’ve edited the link so it redirects to the right place. :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

      • Patricia says

        Cool! But one more question! :) Don’t I have to pay for it first? Will I get an e-mail notice so that I can do so – before you send it? Seems logical.

        Or did I already pay for it?? Brain fog!

        I’m placing an order right now for some other goodies, mostly not for making soap, but I can imagine after getting the book….CHA-CHING! Here we go again! Ahahaha!

        • says

          Hi Patricia!

          If you haven’t already paid for the book, you can now order it here:

          We are actually including an insert about the Soap Crafting Club in the book, so be sure to check that out. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you! :)

          -Becky with Bramble Berry

          P.S. If you have already pre-ordered the book, we will not be sending an extra e-mail out (since we sent one when you purchased it).

  6. Angie says

    I am excited!! I would love to come out and take a soap intensive weekend. But, I can’t afford it. I am hoping the new book will give this new soap addict ideas.

  7. Loretta says

    Am I able to order your book and have it sent to me me here in the UK?

    Can I order it on here somewhere?

    • says

      Hi Loretta!

      I am actually going to add you to our international pre-order list, and you will be notified as soon as it is available for purchase. Since you are going to be on that list, as long as you purchase the book from Bramble Berry’s website, you will get access to the exclusive videos. =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

    • says

      Hi Nicole!

      Only the pre-orders through Bramble Berry will have access to the exclusive videos. You are just going to love this book, it comes with so many fun recipes and we can’t wait to see your versions of them! :)

      Happy Soaping!
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  8. Jessica says

    Can’t wait to get it! I’m excited for the new swirling techniques and the beautiful photos =)