Kumquat & Black Tea Soap

Thank you to Dave and Jude from Aussie Soap Supplies for emailing photos of their latest soapy creations.

The Black Tea soaps up like a dream and is very strong in the final product. I especially appreciate that it does not discolor.

Kumquat is a tart fruity scent that slightly puckers the mouth and starts the salivary glands drooling.

The color choices for both of these bars is appealing and appropriate fr the scent. The dual layer is especially intriguing with its thatched surface.

Thanks for sharing!


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  1. Anne-Marie says

    Hi Reo – Welcome to the blog! We’re glad to have you join us, no matter what language. The soap pictured is CP but of course, the Kumquat works well in MP as well.

    Koinonia, what a frusterating surprise to have the soap go chalky on you. I notice with some of my silicone molds that they need tons and tons of insulation and then others don’t need any. It’s gotta be a property of the type of silicone used maybe?

  2. koinoniacommunity says

    I have the kumquat and the black tea fragrance oils.

    I have made soap with the kumquat but unfortunately didn’t insulate my new mold (1/2″ high density plastic – who would’ve thought?)so it got soft and chalky and had to be rebatched. Still smells great but is quite ugly, without the pretty orange swirls I had intended.

    Both smell great in a lotion and sugar scrub though!

    Those soaps are beautiful!!

  3. Heidi says

    I LOVE the Kumquat scent and can’t wait to use it…I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do to make it the perfect bar.

  4. ♥ Reo ♥ says

    Hello !!
    This soap is melt and poor or cold process ?? sorry for the english, i’m french…..


  5. Signature Vintage says

    I was thinking of adding soap to my line of products and while perusing supplie sites, i happened upon your blog! I love it and will definitely be back! Thank you for a great visit!