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Here’s my friend and fellow Pinterest obsessor Heather, winner of Seattle Bride Magazine’s Best of 2012 for her creative and unique wedding favors, with some tips for packaging your soaps – great for craft shows, Etsy, or gift giving! -Anne-Marie

Hi! This is Heather from Heathoriginal reporting in. I am absolutely thrilled to be on the Soap Queen blog and to have this opportunity to be chatting with you about one of my favorite things…packaging!

All About Packaging!
I feel packaging is one of the most important little touches I can do to make sure that I am representing my brand and creating a lasting impression at the same time. It’s a really simple yet thoughtful touch to everything I send out. Beyond the brown-paper-package tied up with string, so much can be done to convey that this is a special package with something special inside. One can rightly assume that whatever is in that hot-pink polka-dotted box must be simply mind-blowing to be in a package of that caliber!

Fun details add whimsy to a white soap box

Simple shows off the soap

Simple touches allow elaborate soap designs to shine

Soapy Favors

Send an extra special thank you 

Happy Birthday Packaging

Add a tag with a message to a soap box sleeve and tray for special events like birthdays.

Wedding Favors

Tie a strip of fabric around soaps and top off with stickers bearing the couple’s initials for a delightful wedding favor!

Image credit: Paul Israel Photography

When packaging your soap for selling or gift giving, think to yourself if you would be engaged with what you are giving. Getting a gift is always fantastic, but getting something that has obviously had a little more time invested in it feels just a touch more special. Really, it’s amazingly simple to add a contrasting color stripe, a bit of ribbon, or a little felt flower that will ensure there is a mile wide smile on the face of the person on the receiving end.

just Heather

I had a ton of fun playing with the beautiful soaps that Anne-Marie sent me and I hope you are inspired by the creative packaging that I came up with. Have fun packaging your soap!!

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  1. Kelly says

    I like the packaging for the “Send an extra special thank you” but now I want a peice of candy….Great ideas.

  2. says

    Heather’s idea are just beautiful! I thinking packaging is so important! It’s so hard to choose a favorite from the pictures. But, I must say that the fabric wrap is just so unique! I love it!

  3. Tracy/Aiya says


    I just recieved my order and I am sooooo excited! I can see the love and care taklen in to my package and I so appreciate it! I loved the Vetyver sample, thank you so much! I can’t wait to make my first soap! Thank you all soooooo much!

  4. Susie says

    What fun ideas! Thank You. But I worry that if I would ever decide to sell I should have a pkg\wrap of one type so my soaps are “branded”. What do you think of this? For now it is only a hobby and I can have fun doing what I want.

  5. says

    Oh my goodness, what a FUN post! Heather is a most creative person, and what a hoot she must be to Pin around with. Thanks for sharing these inspirational ideas. The colors make me happy!