Finding the Perfect Purple

Recently my good friend, Cealleigh, married the love of her life in a beautiful ceremony that took place in a gazebo overlooking a pristine California beach. I was honored to act as her Matron of Honor, and possibly even more excited when she asked me to create the favors for her reception! Cealleigh loves orchids and took cues from their colors for every facet of her wedding decor. She had the idea for some purple soap embedded in opaque soap for the favors, and I embarked on the journey to find the perfect hue for her soaps!

The Perfect Purple

As I experimented with the hue I loved the range I was able to achieve, from deep blue-purples to lighter red-violets using all from Bramble Berry’s oxides and micas.

Perfect Purples Mosaic

Row 1: 1 Part Ultramarine Violet | 1 Part Ultramarine Violet; 1 Part Ultramarine Pink
Row 2: 1 Part Ultramarine Violet; 1 Part Sparkle Violet | 1 Part Titanium Dioxide; 1 Part Ultramarine Violet
Row 3: 3 Parts Ultramarine Pink; 1 Part Ultramarine Violet; ½ Part Titanium Dioxide | 2 Parts Ultramarine Pink; 1 Part Ultramarine Violet
Row 4: 1 Part Titanium Dioxide; 1 Part Ultramarine Pink | 1 Part Sparkle Violet; 1 Part Ultramarine Pink
Row 5: 1 Part Red Blue Mica; 1 Part Sparkle Violet | 1 Part Mauvey Gem

Add the colorants used in these blends to your Bramble Berry shopping cart with the click of a button!

Add To Cart!

I brought all of these samples, scented with a range of my favorite florals, to her bachelorette party and Cealleigh chose the color created with equal parts Red Blue and Sparkle Violet for her special soaps. The result was (if I do say so myself) quite stunning.

Cealleigh's Soap Favors

The boxes were created by Cealleigh’s mother-in-law and I think the box and the soap really compliment each other. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness, Ceal and Greg!

Love, Cealleigh and Greg

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  1. Pam says

    Would any of these colorants work with bath bombs? I’m having a heck of a time getting a good purple. I just ordered the 12-piece bath bomb colorant set (should arrive in a couple of days) but I noticed that there’s not really a good purple in there, either. Can I use these instead to get my purple?

  2. says

    Very cool. Purple is a hard color to get just right. It was smart of you to have her choose from samples as I would have called the one she choose pink! What a happy thing to be a part of. I love weddings.

  3. says

    That was cool seeing the outcome of the different color blends. The boxes are fabulous! I want to know how that’s done!

    As a former horticulture science major, here’s a bit of fun trivia about orchids: Orchids are not limited to pinks and purples, but display every color of the rainbow. You can dye white varieties in the same way one would dye carnations. I’ve seen Cybidium orchids dyed in the most gorgeous turquoise with purple throats. And the often used words, “exotic” or “rare,” in references to orchids are very much misnomers, since there are over 25,000 species within the genus, growing in all kinds of climates all over the world, even in alpine climates. So it’s not a strictly a tropical plant either, as many people think. And at that number, it’s one of the largest genuses in the entire plant kingdom. They’re just plain gorgeous, that’s all. (Okay, that was an oxymoron.) :) One species produces a tiny flower about the size of my thumbnail. It’s a cute little thing!

  4. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pretty shades of purple. It’s my daughter’s favorite color and it always makes me smile too. What gorgeous favors, A-M. I’m sure Cealleigh and Greg were thrilled to have both you and the soaps made with love!

  5. says

    Hey Anne-Marie!

    I had a quick question regarding preservatives for lotions.

    All the products I make are 100% natural, and I’d like to get in to lotions with a silky and less-greasy feel. I found the perfect emulsifier for our needs. However, I’m stumped when it comes to a preservative for the product.

    I’m aware that potassium sorbate is a natural option, but do you believe that alone will be enough to use?

    If not, what all natural preservative do you suggest using?