Soap Queen TV is here!

The first episode of Soap Queen TV!

Soap Queen TV Episode 1: Fragrance and Essential oils from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

This is the first episode and will lay the foundation upon which I am building all future episodes – so pay attention. Just kidding!

For more information about fragrance oils visit the RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) here

For more information about essential oils and how they’re made, this wikipedia article is a great place to start.

For easy reference here is the ingredient list for this week’s project:

4 oz. clear melt and pour soap base
2 ml tangerine essential oil

Soap mold
Heat safe container
Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol.

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Apologies to all who wrote applauding my fine dance moves in the preview video – I was too busy making soap and trying not to forget anything to dance.


24 Responses to “Soap Queen TV is here!”

  1. cherie says:

    Great episode! And LOVE the orange microwave. Totally fab! lol :)

  2. katw0man says:

    what a darling darling program!

    i love the colors and the up beat music and Anne-Marie you did a fantastic job!

    the orange microwave stole the
    whole show….how/who/where did
    you get that retro-fit! I want

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was really impressed. I even learnedsome new info. Short, sweet and to the point. Very good.


  4. Anne-Marie says:

    Glad you like the microwave. We wrapped the microwave ourselves using a vinyl that crafters use to apply words to their walls that we got custom cut. Isn’t it fun?

  5. Cakespy says:

    You get cuter every time I see you! I am loving Soap Queen TV –I think that with tutorials it is so helpful to actually see it in action. This is really well done!

  6. Joanna says:

    Awesome, lady!!!!!

    That was fantastic and I loved the way it ended with the bang and pulled out to the logo.

    Very pro. Very pro.

    Bravo, guys.

  7. Donna Maria @ Indie Business says:

    I totally love it! I know how to do everything you said, but still, I watched from start to finish, and I still haven’t gotten enough fo the Soap Queen. More! More!. Who can get enough of the Soap Queen!!! I’m so excited, and can’t wait for the next episode! You go Soap Queen!

  8. Carrie @ Under the Willow says:

    Anne-Marie you are totally nature in front of the camera, and it was a really nice soap making video- BUT where was the fun dance at the end?…It’s just a thought- thinking different than the rest, etc…You certainly have the making of being a “stand-out”.

    You know something like: “And what does the Soap Queen do after making soap?…” Well you get the idea, BUT like I said– just a thought…

    Best of luck~ hugs

  9. Lori at The Nova Studio says:

    Excellent video Anne-Marie – Congratulations! Very much looking forward to my first trip to Bramble Berry & Otion in July!

  10. LittleGemsbyKari says:

    bravo! can’t wait for the next one!!!

  11. Burnt Mill Candles and Soap says:

    great video I can’t wait either to see the rest.

    by the way I used your Tangerine Essential Oil last night and it smelled wonderful!

  12. Suds to Love says:

    What an awesome first video / tutorial!

  13. SingingWolf says:


    Fantastic job by you and your team.

  14. Angie says:

    Can’t wait for episode 2!!

  15. Body Natural Soap says:

    Very informative. I think you did really great. You kept my attention which is hard to do.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I love the KISS-approach (Keep It Short and Simple) Very informative. Really enjoyed this first episode and loved the microwave! :-) (oh… one more thing, it would be great if somehow the european measurements appeared as well when you’re speaking of ounces and so on)
    looking forward to the next episode!
    grtz Ellen (from Belgium)

  17. Kelly says:

    love the episode, Bravoooo! ( i’m french and I understand all the episode) keep going you are fabulous!

  18. Michelle says:

    Your adorable AM! You definitely have a great t.v. presence and I love that your so easy to watch and understand! Can't wait to see future videos. I like that you added that little bit of piano (music) in the background before you chopped up your soap :) I can't wait to share this with my daughter, she's the m&p girl. She'll love your orange soap queen microwave ;)

  19. Amanda says:

    Just now had the chance to watch the video….great episode. I can’t wait for the next one!

  20. Teresa R says:

    I absolutely loved Ep. 1!! All your instructional videos are so clear and wonderful. Looking forward to the future episodes, especially the ones where you made those terrific soaps that you and your lovely staff sent! (I posted about it on my blog…thank you sooo much!!!)

  21. Molly Dee says:

    YAY!!! That was awesome!!! I’m all excited for the next one. Thank you for being so ahead of the curve! Very inspiring to have a video – especially since I’m still in the beginning stages of soap making.

  22. Merryn says:

    I loved the first episode! I can’t wait for the others – but I guess I’ll have to!

  23. Sunbasilgarden says:

    Anne-Marie! I loved the first episode. Very informative and easy to understand. Captivating too. I agree- that orange microwave is fabulous!!!

    Can’t wait to see what is next! Keep up the great work Soap Queen.


  24. The Artist says:

    Great show Anne marie,you look stunning,the tutorial was amazing,i am sending it to my friends…
    By the way,love the microwave!!

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