Non-Bleeding Colors from Bramble Berry

What is a bleeding colorant? Bleeding colorants are usually dyes or FD&C colors that tend to migrate into other layers of your soap over time (see picture below). Sometimes it can look super cool if you’re trying to blend your colors (a la tie dyed soap), but usually it just looks a little sloppy.For sharp, clean lines, pick from the list below!

Bleeding Colorants


GeometricNon-Bleeding Colorants

Want to learn how to make the soap above? Check out Soap Queen TV for a step by step tutorial!


Antique Blue
Copper Sparkle
Light Gold
Opalescent Green
Opalescent Turquoise
Patina Sheen
Red Blue
Rose Pearl
Sparkle Violet
Vintage Grey
Luster Black
Aqua Pearl
Blue Green Mica
Mauvey Gem
Silver Mica
Sparkle Violet
Super Pearly White Mica


Non-Bleeding Red
Liquid Red (brick red)
Non-Bleeding Violet
Deep Purple



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  1. Angel Scents says

    Hurry hurry and make some!! I need colors so bad and never know which ones to get. I like the non bleeding ones the best. Hurry and make a package of them and I'll be your first buyer!


  2. Anne-Marie says

    Angel Scents- We don't currently sell a pack of non-bleeding colors but I LOVE that idea. Keep you're eyes peeled for a kit in the future!

  3. Angel Scents says

    I have such a hard time with colors. I would like to get all non bleeding colors in all colors in one big bag!! do you sell anything like that?

  4. Natalia says

    I already checked at bramble berry, 1 oz cost will be $47 (more less). if I add Glycerin to my colorants will help ?
    I look for a Micas Kit at Bramble Berry, cause will be better order a Kit that just 1 oz. 😀 …?

  5. Anne-Marie says


    Welcome to the world of soap making! I am glad you have enjoyed the Soap Queen TV videos. They are a lot of work and but also a lot of fun to make!

    1. The colors in this post are all non-bleeding, yes. That is a great question and I’m happy to clarify 

    2. True Colors is pure mineral make up so you could definitely use powdered pigments from them as soap colorant. You would need to experiment to find out which colors are bleeding and which are non-bleeding though! Though technically you could use any eye shadow, I'd avoid them (including MAC cosmetics) because their mineral make up is not pure mineral; it has added ingredients that dilute the product.

    I hope this information helps you!

  6. Anne-Marie says

    Hi Natalia!

    If you are looking for micas that are non-bleeding any that you order from the list posted in this blog would work great for you.

    If the pricing from the supplier in Guatemala is high, please take a look at Bramble Berry, and see what the shipping would be, you can price that before ordering.

    What projects are you working on? I would love to help with something more specific.

  7. JigsawJones says

    Hi, Anne-Marie!!
    I am new to soap making, and your videos have been a tremendous help. I have two questions:

    1. The colors listed in this post- are they all non-bleeding. I just wanted to make perfectly sure that i understand.

    2. Is it possible to use the cosmetic powdered pigments, such as the ones from MAC cosmetics or True Colors, for sprinkling or maybe swirling/marbling in soap?

    Thank you so much for your soapy wisdom!


  8. Cyndi says

    @Amber yes that does help thank-you very much. These look like great things to use as colors. I'm excited

  9. Natalia Cruz says

    Thanks for this info. I just found a mica supplier here in Guatemala, but there are a quite expensive! :( . I had been fighting with colorants that are solved in water. But they are bleeding and washed away. So now im trying some oil colors… [that´s my sad story..jeje] any help ?

  10. Amber says

    Hi Cyndi,
    Yes, all of the colorants can be used in Hot Process Soapmaking.

    The oxides are really easy to use because what you see is what you get. So just add some until you get a color you like.

    Sorry I can't recommend a more specific amount – but the color varies so much based on what your recipe is in addition to the process you use that there are no absolute rules for colorants.

    Hope this helps!

  11. Anne-Marie says

    I've got the Vintage Grey back where it should be! It was hidden in the wrong section =))

  12. Lynn in Seattle says

    This list is so helpful. I'm printing it out and keeping it at hand for when I order again. Thanks!

  13. LittleGemsbyKari says

    tie dye soap- fun concept. geometric soap though that is striking…. so much to learn!

  14. Brigette says

    I picked up the non-bleeding red and the red jelly that you used in the Christmas candy soap and I love the color the combo creates and that it does not bleed. Will be using a lot of that for some Valentine soaps.

  15. maria says

    Anne marie,

    in the sweet treat colorant set ..i love the rainbow jojoba there anyway you will be selling the rainbow jojoba beads in ounces?? without the whole set?

  16. maria says

    i'm sorry anne-marie..i guess i read that they were non-bleeding, but i see that now thanks lol, as for the oxide i was referring to it is the Purple Oxide that is Limited Time only..that one is non-bleeding correct?? i love love brambleberry!!

  17. Anne-Marie says

    Angela, Vintage Grey – I'm off to hunt that down and figure out what's going on. I'll keep you posted.

    Maria, Purple/Violet Oxide is great – non bleeding. I'll add that. Thanks for your eagle eyes!

    You should use the fragrances and colors within a year of getting them in your happy little soaping hands. That's when they are the best. However, what happens with fragrances is that the top notes can waft off or start to change in fragrances so you should definitely try to use them up as soon as possible to ensure their scent integrity. The fragrance don't go "bad"; they just change in fragrance and character over time so use 'em as soon as possible. =))

    Carol, I'm so glad that Stevie was able to help out. She's fabulous and we are lucky to have her.

    Kelly, You are a poet too? Wow! Those are some incredible adjectives and very inspiring =)

  18. Kelly Taylor says

    when you interview me one day
    i will tell everyone in
    this blogosphere
    how much i love
    BB's micas.
    and fragrances.

    the two go hand in hand.

    just exactly how can you make
    an alluring exotic tropical and
    irrestible soap with a fragrance
    that totally ROCKS
    without a corresponding
    cosmetic mica
    in a myriad of
    colors, palette
    hues, and sheens
    to illustrate

    ask me
    i tell no lies
    c'est impossible mes amis!

    au revoir!
    je t'aime!

  19. Carol says

    I'm brand new to soaping, so all of these tutorials help out a lot. Just today I got a nice response from Steve at Brambleberry about colors.

  20. maria says

    also ..i forgot to ask what is the expiration date from day of purchase let's say today on your colorants and fragrances??

  21. maria says

    hello anne marie,

    thankyou for this post..i noticed that in the oxides hyou didnt list the purple oxide..does that one migrate?? also i bought the soapylove jewelry colorants, and they say they dont bleed, but i made some soap with them and in a few days the colors migrated in both clear and white melt and pour..thanks!!

  22. Mindy says

    Hi Anne-Marie :-) I am new to soap making, actually, I learned how to use melt & pour back in 2003 when I was studying at the University of Illinois. A couple of my fellow chemistry majors offered to show me how to melt & pour and to make bath fizzies. I have recently decided to try to give it a go and remembered that the fragrances came from Bramble Berry. I'm so glad to see that you guys are still in business and doing well:-)

    I was wondering if you have any tips as to how to get your soap crystal clear. I love to embed soap into soap, but can't duplicate that truly glossy clear look that I've seen other people achieve. How do you do that???

    Thanks so much!!!

  23. Angela says

    Thanks for the info Anne! How come the Vintage Grey doesn't show under colorants on BB? If I click the link for Vintage Grey I see the bread crumbs Home :: Colorants :: Micas Sparkle/Cosmetic but if I just click Colorants, Micas Sparkle/Cosmetic isn't an option?