Neon Ambrosia Soap on Soap Queen TV

Quite possibly the cutest episode of Soap Queen TV… ever (although the piggies were REALLY cute). I had a great time making this video and creating these two projects. And, as you’ll see from the outtakes at the end, I had a really fun (slash dorky) time with the soap I made.

This project is inspired by a class Erin Pikor of Naiad Soaparts taught at Soap Weekend Intensive. Using translucent cut-outs of neon colored soap, I layered them over a white background and then cut them up into shapes with cookie cutters (using my core strength). Next I used the leftover soap scraps to make cute little embedded soap that is so quick, easy and cute I almost like them better than the main project!

How to Make Neon Ambrosia Soap from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

  Get everything you need to make this project here.

To make this SQTV project you will need:

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  1. Art says

    Question re: mixing colorants. In the short video “How to Mix Neon Colorants,” you use a formula of 1/3 cup glycerin to 1/2 tsp of neon colorant. In this video you used 1 tsp of neon colorant to one tbsp of glycerin. Any reason for the reduced amount of glycerin?

    • says

      Hi Art!

      The difference in the amounts is because we did not want to mix-up such a large amount for this batch. If you are planning to use the colors over and over again for different batches, I’d definitely suggest the 1/3 cup of glycerin to 1/2 teaspoon of neon colorant. :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  2. Candy says

    Can you tell me how the soaps with the toys can be wrapped to sell? Sarah wrap with things that stick out does work well when u start heating it. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Candy!

      Soaps with little toys (or embeds) sticking out can be a little tricky to package, but you can still make it happen! All you need is some plastic wrap and a heat gun. Wrap up your soap and aim the heat gun at it. But, be sure to keep the heat gun back from the soap about 4-6 inches so that you don’t get any holes in your wrapping! I hope this help. :)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  3. sandy yanes says

    Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge with all of us in the SOAP WORLD. I can’t wait to do this one and then post it to my fb. I always say::Here are my newest babies. I also love to see your fun side after the videos. Thanks for making me smile.

  4. Stacey Hoffstot says

    Very cute idea, already imagining the endless possibilities with that one. Thank you to Erin and A-M for sharing :)

    Btw, my little 4-year-old loved the end of the video – he laughed for so long at the outtakes! He definitely is a SoapQueen video fan and this one might have replaced his all-time fave, the speedy start of the rebatching video.

  5. Susie says

    I love those little critter soaps as well. I can just see my grandchildren playing (like you did) in the tub with them! Thanks for the inspiration.