Money Soap for Last Minute Gifts

MoneySoap1A bribery idea – Trying to get your kids to wash their hands more? In this project we put a dollar bill in a lip balm container then embedded it in a bar of soap. Once the soap is all used up you get the dollar that has been safely stashed in the lip balm pot. This is a perfect last minute Christmas Gift or Stocking Stuffer. No more hastily shoved dollars in cards – instead, make this easy soap to give any amount of money (or jewelry or secret messages) and reap the rewards when your child can’t wait for bathtime!

MoneySoap2What you will need:

Clear Melt and Pour
Clear Lip Balm Pot
Rubbing Alcohol in spritzer

1. Cut melt and pour soap into 1” cubes and put into microwave safe container (about 5oz should be enough for one bar). Cover with saran wrap and microwave for 30 second intervals until soap is melted. Stir in the fragrance oil at approximately .25 – .5 ounces per pound of soap (new to melt and pour? Click here to be taken to TeachSoap for basic instructions).

2. Pour the clear soap into your mold until the cavity is about 1/3 of the way full and spritz the soap with alcohol to get rid of any floating bubbles
3. Get your closed lip pot container w/ the note or money folded up inside and spray it on all sides with the alcohol and set it down into the melted soap base and give the whole bar one more spray to make sure there are no pesky little bubbles.

4. Let the soap sit for a few minutes until there is a skin on top that is semi-stiff when touched. Then take the rest of the melt and pour soap (pop back in the microwave if needed) and add your color, stir until color is mixed through. Then spritz the top of bar of soap with your alcohol.

5. Make sure that your colored melt and pour is not too hot (it is not steaming and you can comfortably press and hold your hand against the bottom of the container) then pour the colored melt and pour over the bar of soap, filling the mold up the rest of the way and give the bar one final spray to pop any bubbles.
6. Let your bar sit and harden for a few hours before removing (the longer you wait the easier it will be to remove from the mold). Wrap with saran wrap and prepare to amaze and delight the recipient of the Hidden Monday soap.

Voila! You have a nice bar of soap with a fun hidden surprise inside!


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  1. Marian Cohen says

    I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.
    Keep it up Nice blog.

  2. Merryn says

    I’m going to make them for my family and put notes in them about how much I love them – mushy stuff. Then it’s two gifts in one – one that they use up and one that they can keep.

  3. Anne-Marie says


    The blue is an optical illusion. The key is to have the clear soap poured first so you can see the money, the little pot, in an obvious manner.

    The second layer helps to make the clear first layer and objects really “pop!”

  4. The Foxes Den says

    Anne-Marie! That is a wonderful idea! Very creative! I guess I need to order some melt and pour and those little pots!

  5. Teresa R says

    Really cute, A-M! Just one question: you’d poured clear MP first, and then added the colored MP, but the finished product photo looks like the soap is all blue, so did the colored MP mix in thoroughly with the clear MP or is it the angle of the photo that makes it look like a completely blue bar? Thanks!

  6. Anne-Marie says

    Mokie, You have to give him points for being efficient! =) As for age regression, I wish I was 19 again with the same husband and life I have now. Isn’t aging a mischievous paradox? As our bodies fail, wisdom and stability rise in equal measure.

  7. mokie says

    My nephew would love this. And then he’d saw through the soap for the money.

    Ah, to be eight again…

  8. Ais' says

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow, that’s a great idea! Never thought of embedding money in a soap before.