Karma Soaps & New Loaf Molds

We’re ecstatic! Our new 2.5-3 lb loaf molds are finally here! We couldn’t wait to try one out so we took a mold straight to our soaping lab and created an earthy and colorful Karma Goodness soap. See our instructions below to make your own “good karma”.
Layer 1: Melt 12 oz of clear melt and pour (30 second intervals in the microwave). Add fragrance oil and a pinch of ultramarine purple oxide. Pour soap into loaf mold.
Tip: Mix your micas or oxides with a little rubbing alcohol first to eliminate spots and speckles. Then add to soap base. Give it a final spritz to eliminate bubbles.

Picture 082Layer 2: Melt 12 oz. of clear melt and pour. Add fragrance oil and a pinch of heavy metal gold mica. Spritz the first layer with rubbing alcohol (to make sure layers adhere) and pour your second layer. To achieve the texture in this layer, stir the soap in the mold until it cools (2-3 minutes), creating a chunky type layer. Give it a spritz with alcohol 2-3 times during the cooling process to eliminate bubbles.

Tip: Before pouring your second layer, make sure the melted soap has cooled to 120 degrees. If it’s any hotter it will melt the bottom layer of soap.
Picture 091Layer 3: Melt 12 oz of clear melt and pour. Add fragrance oil, a pinch of Gold Sparkle Mica and stir. Spritz the textured layer before pouring the soap and spritz again with alcohol to eliminate bubbles after pouring.

Layer 4: Repeat step 3 using the Cellini blue mica. Remember to give the soap a final spritz to eliminate bubbles.
Picture 098Final: Once the soap has cooled, turn your soap mold upside down and pull the edges away from the soap to break the air lock. Once the air lock is completely broken your soap loaf will fall out of the mold.

Picture 112

Copy of Picture 130

P.S. – I’m traveling today to sunny Arizona to go listen to Jim Collins (from Good to Great fame) speak. He’ll be talking about how to build a company to last the ages. I’m excited and will definitely be blogging as I can.


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  1. Saltwell Soap says

    Nice colours and perfect shaped mould. I may have to invest in one since I’m going through a ‘new mould’ phase.

  2. Lacey says

    The soap looks great and I love using your loaf molds. They’re durable and really are easy to release from. Thank you!