Alphabet Soap!

Bramble Berry got the cutest mini alphabet soap mold in stock. It will be on the site for sale next week here. The mold is also food grade so you could use it for chocolate as well. I spent 4th of July playing with the mold and designing some fun word projects.

I poured regular white melt and pour base into the molds. I did not scent or color the letters because I wanted them to stand out in the soap.

I was happy with how crisp and clean the lines were once the alphabet pieces came out of the mold. I ended up having to push fairly hard to get the pieces out. Next time, I will stick the entire mold (soap and all) in the fridge for a few minutes to loosen the letters up. Any time melt and pour is exposed to cold, it forms condensation and glycerin dew. Don’t leave the soap in the fridge for more than 15 minutes at a time to minimize the glycerin dew and condensation

I used Labcolors Aqua for my colorant. Since Labcolors are water-based, the soap stays shiny and clear – perfect for showcasing white letters! I also scented with a fragrance that would not cloud the soap – Pink Grapefruit from the Cybilla Line. There was no way to get the letters placed into the mold evenly without a fair amount of pushing, shoving and generally getting my fingers all soapy. The secret to not getting air bubbles under the letters is to put the letters in at an angle. This allows the air bubbles to flow easily up the side of the letter.

Here are all the letters, happily in their molds. Notice that I wasn’t entire successful with the “B.” The soap started getting too hard so I abandoned the straightening project in the hopes that the “B” would look arty.

Check in tomorrow for photos of my final soaps – and to see what else I did with the alphabet blocks!


3 Responses to “Alphabet Soap!”

  1. Michelle says:

    Something like this would be great for birthday’s. Dropping the first letter of someones name into glycerin soap using their favorite color for the letter or something. Love those little alphabets.

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    It would be great for birthdays! What a fun (and easy!) idea to personalize little favors for each child attending as well as the birthday boy or girl.

  3. Michelle says:

    Your right anne-marie, thats an even better idea. Kids would really enjoy that.

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