Making Skin Firming Cream

Crothix has skin firming properties (at least according to the hype). We have a recipe submitted by a reader at It’s meant to help firm skin because of the addition of Crothix. Bramble Berry customer, Jo H. wrote because she was having some problems with the recipe. Since we couldn’t diagnose the problem via email, we decided to make the recipe ourselves.

Here’s all the items set out, ready to make some skin firming lotion!

The recipe that Teach Soap has posted:

Distilled Water 13 oz.
Glycerin .5 oz.
Emulsifying Wax or Ceteryl Alcohol 1 oz.
CroThix .7 oz.
Jojoba Oil .6 oz.
Germaben II or Phenonip .16 oz.
Fragrance or Essential Oil .16 – .50 oz.

I modified it and used only 10 oz. of water since Jo said her recipe was turning out watery and runny.
Directions: Put the oils and waxes in one container and melt thoroughly. Heat the glycerin and water in another container. The ideal temperature is about 170 degrees.

Once the products are completely melted, add the oils and waxes to the heated water and glycerin. The product will start to emulsify immediately and turn white.
In my experiment, the waxes started to harden up far too quickly. The waxes got clumpy and started being difficult. The waters and oils started separating. Maybe this is what happened to Jo H. as well(?). I tossed the entire recipe into the microwave for 30 seconds and then straight into the blender. Notice the water at the bottom and the waxes and oils at the top.

A quick blend of the blender solved that problem! The creme thickened up immediately! There is a lot of water is in the batch. The emulsification system of Crothix and E-Wax is powerful to gel all of that water into a lotion.

I added German Blue Chamomile Essential Oil to the recipe for its skin calming properties. It turned the lotion a lovely blue.

The recipe ended up producing 4 nice bottles of lotion and the original recipe cost less than $2 in materials to make.

From start to finish, it took less than 30 minutes to assemble the ingredients, make the lotion and clean up. If you’re interested in trying to make lotions, we have two kits at Bramble Berry located here.


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  1. Celeste Day says

    Hello, I read your blog and saw that you mentioned that it cost lest than $2 in material. I clicked on the bramble berry link that you provided and picked each item in your list of ingredients.. The total was $27.52 plus shipping and handling.. What did you do that I hadn’t?

    Thank you

    • Anne-Marie says

      Hi Celeste,

      I suspect when I wrote this in 2007, I was adding up just the cost of the ingredients in the recipe (not the full size of the products). I also know many of the prices in the recipe have skyrocketed – jojoba oil has gone up probably 600% since 2007 and German Chamomile has probably tripled in pricing since then – so you’re probably seeing a bit of natural pricing increases that happen when buying crop based products. I’d love to see jojoba oil go back to 2007 levels. It’s one of my favorite products to formulate with and I haven’t been lately. =) Let me know what you think when you make the recipe! Anne-Marie

  2. Dawnia says

    Hi –

    I’ve been wanting to try this! Just wondering if I can use Optiphen in this recipe?

  3. tonya says

    This recipe sounds wonderful! I was wondering if this is for the face or all over cream?

  4. Elizabeth says

    I tried this recipe today, it filled a small pump bottle and a small jar. Everything looked good but now it looks like there is a little watery layer in my jar bottom now that the lotion is cooling. I just made a batch for myself to use since I am out of facial moisturizer, I wonder if It will be ok for me to use? Should I try to stir it some while it is cooling, or just leave it alone? The pump bottle doesnt look like it is doing the same thing. I did microwave for the extra 30 seconds and blended and blended and blended, so I thought I had it fully thickened up. I used rosemary, mint, and german chamomile EOs and the smell and consistency seemed perfect for a nice face cream. I hope I can use it!

    • Anne-Marie says

      No worries – you can re-blend it back up. Are you using a stick blender? That’s pretty key for the entire thing. But yes, this should definitely re-blend up for you. Just re-heat, blend longer and then add the preservative again if it’s too hot to let the preservative work (140 for Germaben, 176 for Phenonip if memory serves me right). =)

    • Elizabeth says

      Also, now that it has firmed up in the jar and is ready for the lid to be put on, there is a thick ‘skin’ on top and still water on the bottom. Im considering scooping it all out and getting rid of the ‘skin’, then heating it up (just not as hot as it was while I was making it) and add a little more Phenonip, then whipping it for a while until I’m sure it won’t separate, then spooning it back in the jar. Bad idea? I don’t have sensitive skin, so I didn’t figure this would cause irritation. Should I just scrap it and start over, and whip it to death this time? :) I hate to give up on it, when I used some it felt great and made my skin feel hydrated and soft.

      • Anne-Marie says

        Do it! Definitely! =) If it gets too hot (above 170), add the Phenonip. Otherwise, disinfect the products really well and you’ll be golden. =) Keep me posted.

  5. Dee Dee says

    I had the same problem with this formula. But I reheated for 30sec in the microwave like you said and blended with a stainless steel shaft (similar to the kind you make smoothies with) and VIOLA! I got a nice whipped lotion.

  6. Anonymous says

    I was curious as to how the cream felt on your skin. Greasy at all?
    I have never made creams and may start by picking up one of the kits you have.
    Thank you.