Self Portrait x 82

Self Portrait

The interface between man and machine … is more important than the power of the man or the power of the machine in determining overall capability.

Shyam Sankar

PS – Jamisen took 82 of these super close-up, not entirely flattering photos in a very, very short time period. This is a screen shot of just a few of them. =)


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  1. says

    At just a bit older, a sitter introduced my daughter to Photobooth (on the Mac), and so one of my 2-year-old’s first words was “Photoboof! Photoboof!” I have all kinds of distorted, sepia, and so on pics of her (and her sitter!) at that age…

  2. says

    that photo needs to be blown up big, really big, black and white and on a big bare wall in your house. i love when the kids get the camera, its like peeking right into their heads!!! its more than just a good zoomed in look up their noses, ha!
    seriously, what a cutie :)

    • Dawnia says

      Ha Ha!! Too cute! I like Kristin’s idea of blowing that up! He is adorable! I can’t wait to see the Soap Princess, I’m sure she will be beautiful! Thanks for sharing a piece of your life outside Soap, very sweet!

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