Self Portrait x 82

Self Portrait

The interface between man and machine … is more important than the power of the man or the power of the machine in determining overall capability.

Shyam Sankar

PS – Jamisen took 82 of these super close-up, not entirely flattering photos in a very, very short time period. This is a screen shot of just a few of them. =)


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  1. says

    At just a bit older, a sitter introduced my daughter to Photobooth (on the Mac), and so one of my 2-year-old’s first words was “Photoboof! Photoboof!” I have all kinds of distorted, sepia, and so on pics of her (and her sitter!) at that age…

    • Anne-Marie says

      Photobooth sounds dangerous.

      Jamisen has already learned the word ‘iPad’ and asks for it at every opportunity. Le sigh ….

    • Anne-Marie says

      It seems a little lighter but still definitely strawberry blonde. I kept my red hair until I was about 4. I can’t wait to see what color hair his sister has! =)

  2. says

    that photo needs to be blown up big, really big, black and white and on a big bare wall in your house. i love when the kids get the camera, its like peeking right into their heads!!! its more than just a good zoomed in look up their noses, ha!
    seriously, what a cutie :)

    • Dawnia says

      Ha Ha!! Too cute! I like Kristin’s idea of blowing that up! He is adorable! I can’t wait to see the Soap Princess, I’m sure she will be beautiful! Thanks for sharing a piece of your life outside Soap, very sweet!