Happy Father’s Day Messy Fun

Happy Father’s Day to you and yours. Regular readers of this blog will know that I am the luckiest girl in the world with my family. I would choose my Dad over and over again if I had to build our family from the ground up. Many of the traits that have served me well in life, I received and learned (by example) from him. So Dad, I love you! Of course, there’s not just my Dad for Father’s Day now; my sweet husband Chris is an amazing Father. I’m so lucky that he wanted to marry me (!) and have little ones together. I feel blessed and loved every day because of the choice we made: to create a family together.

We hosted a Father’s Day Weekend at our house with a revolving door of guests. We were also celebrating my Mom’s release from the hospital. She was admitted early this week with an antibiotic-resistant strain of … something(!). The Doctors never were able to fully culture it so it’s a mystery but either way, we were so happy to have her out of the hospital and home.

Thanks to Pinterest, I had quite a few good ideas for how to keep our little toddler busy this weekend. I have 215 pins (!!) on my Toddler Fun Pinterest board right now. You can check ’em out or follow the board here.

Pinterest Art Fun

This Water Blob tutorial was genius. The kids **loved** it; loved it! They were soooooo happy. And, besides a few small tears as the afternoon wore on, the water blob held up remarkably well and is still in tact today.  PS – No, that’s not Lily all grown up already. That’s Miss Ava, Jamisen’s first love. They’ve held hands so we’re already planning their nuptials.

We had a hot dog (and for the vegetarians, faux dogs) and a marshmallow roast. It was Jamisen’s first marshmallow and he was quite enamored with all the sugar and gooey and warm.

We also made the Faiola Family Tradition cake (we really should pick easier traditions that don’t take so many hours to make) – Butterscotch Butterscotch Cake. You can find the full recipe here. It’s clearly a sign that we adore my Dad because we keep making this cake, over and over, for him. Sister in Law, Cheriss, was the hero this time. She made 80% of the cake and just let me swoop in for the final caramelizing (butterscotching!) the pecans and of course, the eating.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Kiss that special man in your life or send a thanks to heaven for those Fathers and Grandfathers that have already departed.

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  1. Stacey H. says

    I’m glad that your Mom got to go home – hospitals are never fun! Hope she is completely over whatever strain that was.

    Love the pictures of little Jamisen. He is such a little doll…and I can’t get enough of that HAIR! Or what looks like that “sugar-rush!!!!” look he has going on in that last larger photo of him with fork in hand above. Super cute!

    • says

      It was not fun for anyone. I couldn’t bring Lily in so that really presented some challenges and Mom was hooked up to IVs which definitely made little things, like bathroom time, more complicated.

      Jamisen is the cutest little boy … but we are a little biased in our house =)

  2. Michele says

    What a fun Father’s Day celebration.So very glad your mother is well-she looks fabulous.

  3. says

    Love the fun! And so very glad that your mom is home and doing well. She looks remarkably happy for someone having their picture taken in a hospital bed. I love her positive personality — I see where yours comes from :)

  4. says

    Adorable!! Looks like a fun day for everyone! I have to try that water blob with my nieces very soon…especially with glitter and color.

  5. Melissa says

    sounds like you had an amazing day! That IS an awesome family you got there, too! Congrats Faiolas!