Bramble Girl’s Welcome Sprinkle

Sprinkle: not quite a baby shower, which is traditionally reserved for the arrival of the first child. Not one to turn down a fun couple of hours with girlfriends chatting about all things business, book club and yes, baby! The Sprinkle also doubled as a housewarming party after our recent move. And it wouldn’t have been a very Bramble Sprinkle without a few crafty details, and I’ve got big plans to share fun tutorials right here on the blog.

Sprinkle Friends

The day started with a hilarious comedy of errors involving a miscommunication about the time that helpers were to arrive resulting in Bramble Berry Chief Marketing Officer Amber and Social Media Manager Kristen catching me practicing piano in my pajamas. After a good laugh and the arrival of a few other helpers, I was grateful to be able to slip away for a quick shower and a moment with Jamisen to say good-bye before he and daddy slipped away for a fun day of parks and truck-spotting.

Jamisen's Tricycle

In lieu of gifts, guests were asked to bring a bottle of champagne for the mimosa station. Choices to accompany champagne (or sparkling water) included assorted fruit and juices, Italian aperitif Aperol, and I even whipped up a delicious lavender syrup from scratch (!).


The food was amazing – the peppered cheddar + broccoli and bleu cheese + onion + leek quiches were a big hit, as were the strawberry scones, mountains of fresh berries, and the assorted cupcakes from my favorite local bakery.

Yummy Food

After perusing Pinterest I happened upon a few tutorials for painting the insides of vases, which worked out perfectly with the pink and aqua color scheme and paired wonderfully with some seasonal flowers.

Flowers Into Vases

There was even an advice station where guests could write down sentiments on cards and tuck them into sweet little envelopes contained in a hand-made book.

Advice Station

After food and chatting, guests participated in a very special wrist binding ceremony, based on Navajo tradition, that called upon the wisdom of our mothers and grandmothers to bless the birth and bless the baby. It was very sweet as everyone shared their mothers’ and grandmothers’ names, and spoke a blessing for our upcoming day of birth and life with Miss Lily Leah.

Wrist binding ceremony

It was a lovely day, filled with a lot of laughter and great advice. It was so nice that the Washington weather cooperated (not at all a sure bet in May) and the new house did a fantastic job entertaining. The inside-outside space flowed seamlessly and we were so happy that the home’s debut went off smoothly (thanks to many helping hands).


Those crafty details really gave the sprinkle that extra sparkle (snort) so to start off, Bramble Berry is offering a free kit of downloadable PDFs that will make any shower or sprinkle really shine. Included in the kit are small and large tags, half sheet note cards, and a customizable banner! Click here for your free kit, and check back on Soap Queen for more fun sprinkle action.


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  1. says

    Congrats Anne-Marie and good luck with the delivery! If you would like any crocheted baby-goods let me know! I <3 making stuff for sweet little ones!

    I hope all goes well with Bramble Girls entry into this big, awesome, world!

    p.s. The sprinkle looked like a big ball of happy fun! The photos are beautiful!

    • says

      Hi Trish!

      I know Anne-Marie will appreciate all the kind words and thoughts and she delivers her little girl. Keep your eyes on the blog for the big announcement! =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  2. says

    Congratulations! You looked so beautiful! Will be praying for a speedy delivery, a healthy, sweet and beautiful baby and a quick recovery! I can only imagine how excited you all are. Jamisen is gonna be a good big brother!

  3. says

    The part about your helpers finding you practicing piano in your pjs gave me a nice giggle on this Monday morning! Looks like a fun little sprinkle. :)

    • says

      Hi Megan!

      It was so funny to hear Anne-Marie tell us about that when she got back from her sprinkle, and we all had a laugh about it. Be sure to keep your eyes on the blog later this week when we post some tutorials about the fun little projects that were featured at the sprinkle! =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  4. says

    Hi Anne-Marie! You look so beautiful! And the decorations for your “sprinkle” are adorable. Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. I hope you have a smooth delivery and a healthy baby girl. Can’t wait to see little Lily Leah or Stella. Both good names for soaps I will have to make! :)


  5. Fontana says

    Anne-Maria you got that beautiful dress at Motherhood! I just had my son in April and I wore that same dress for Easter! I just thought it was to funny, you look gorgeous!!! I hope your pregnancy is a lot easier on you than my son was on me ^.~ Congratulations!

    • says

      I did! They had to special order it for me but since I had picked out a color scheme for the Sprinkle (I’m totally obsessive, I realize that!), I was set on that dress. Congrats on having your little one in April. Our little girl should be here very soon. And pregnancy easy? I don’t think anyone can ever say that but it has been as uneventful as it could be which is good =)

  6. Nickie says

    Such a cute “sprinkle” :) So little miss Lily Leah is due to arrive any day now… Wow! That flew by.

    So happy for y’all! May the delivery be quick, may Bramblegirl Lily arrive healthy, & may you enjoy every moment. ~Nickie~

    • says

      You and me both! My goodness, she’s certainly taking her sweet time =) My husband has started to call her ‘Stella’ so Lily Leah isn’t set in stone yet. We’ll just have to see when we finally meet her (hopefully in the next day or two)!

  7. ML says

    May we have the recipe for homemade lavendar syrup? My bushes are just coming out of winter dormancy but that gives me time to plan.

    • says

      Definitely! I’m doing a blog post on it but it was roughly 2 cups sugar
      2 teaspoons dried or 1/4 cup fresh lavender blossoms
      1 cup water and then I simmered everything for 5 minutes while stirring. It was so easy! =)