Editorial Policy

Soap Queen Editorial Policies

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, here are my disclosure policies:

1. I often blog about raw materials that can be purchased at Bramble Berry, a for-profit organization I founded in 1998. I am the CEO of Bramble Berry.

2. If a product or service I blog about was given to me or purchased at a discount, I will disclose it. As a general practice, I purchase all the items I review on the blog.

3. I am the President of ELF Industrial, the Owner of Otion Soap and maintain the site TeachSoap.com

4. Blog commenters are not required to log in. Healthy discussion is encouraged; rude or disrespectful comments may be deleted.

5. At my discretion, I delete comments that are obvious spam, advertising or are rude. I reserve the right to edit comments. I delete all comments that are thinly veiled (or not) efforts to promote your products or services at my blog. I have removed the “no follow” designation from my comments so that you enjoy SEO credit for the link you share with your comment. I did this because I want my blog community to receive a boost from participating here. But if your comment, in my discretion, is opportunistic in nature, seeking to use the comment area as a free ad for your products, your comment will be deleted without notice to you. If you’d like to advertise, let me know and I can set you up through my paid sponsorship program.