Homemade Face Paint

This project is perfect for any time of the year but especially for Halloween! Dress up your little ghoulish goblins with homemade face paint.


1-tbsp. of Lip Balm Base
1 mini scoops of Titanium Dioxide
1 drop of Liquid Glycerin
1 drop of Cyclomethicone
Melt Lip Balm Base. You can do it all at once or a tbsp at a time. Because of the high beeswax content, it takes 3 to 5 minutes to melt. Stir every minute to ensure no major hot spots exist and there is no part of the heat-safe-glass that is getting too warm.
Mix in colorant. It looks like a lot but it’s not that much considering that you want the balm to really color well. Stir so that there are no stray clumps.
Add Liquid Glycerin & Cyclomethicone and stir in well. These two products help the face paint to spread evenly and easily on the face. If you skip the Cyclomethicone (trying to stay all natural), the product will just be a tinch more sticky and ‘grabby’ on the face.
Hints for working with the Face Paint:
Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to put of face for large, easy swipes. For more detailed looks (if you’re a better artist than we are!), a paint brush would work great.
The good news is that this is super easy to clean up. You just wipe it away with a dry, soft cloth. You don’t need (or want water) since this is an oil and wax based product.
Package these little guys in a lip balm pot (or a teensy jar; I like these clear non-stackableones so you can clearly see the color) and you’re all done.
Have fun!


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  1. Emily says

    Anne-Marie, you are a life saver!! My son wants to be Gene Simmons (in full KISS costume) this year and I was nervous about the makeup! I never thought about using a lip balm base, but what a cool idea! Thanks so much!

  2. Anne-Marie says

    You don't have to ask twice, Elizabeth! Wow! I would love a bar of Coconut Curry Custard soap! I just emailed you =) Yay!!! I can hardly wait …

    TheBeanDreamer, Some of the face paint in stores does not have full ingredient disclosure. Some of it does. I'm not sure what category the FDA or FTC considers them in that they don't have to do full ingredient disclosure. It's definitely better to make your own – you control the ingredients and you have the joy in saying that you made it yourself! =)

  3. egassner says

    What an awesome idea! I wonder how well white would come out….
    Anyway, I would LOVE to send you some of the Coconut Curry Custrd soaps when they're cured! Could you send me an address I can mail them to? gassner@gassnercustomsoaps.com


  4. Rose Carbajal says

    So glad you posted this. After reading that article about halloween makeup being hypoallergenic or not I started wondering what else I can use


  5. Anne-Marie says

    Definitely! I should add that information to the post! That's how we packaged them up and they worked great.