Gorgeous Geode Soap Tutorial

We learned this neat technique from one of our fabulous customers, Marlona of The Little Things Store! These geodes will be so realistic, you’ll fool all your friends.  People won’t believe they’re not real geodes!

(P.S. If you like the gemstone look, this technique is similar to these Freeform Purple Gemstones that I did a few years ago! I first came across gemstones 15 years (!!!) ago when Annaliese Moran (one of the pioneers of melt and pour soapmaking) started sharing them with a ‘thunderegg’ design. I’ve been enamoured with it ever since.- A-M)


1 lb Clear Melt & Pour Base
Iridescent Glitter
Lime Essential Oil
Amethyst Purple Mica
Activated Charcoal
Wire soap dish or cookie rack
Extra large microwaveable bowl

ONE: You’ll need 4oz of clear soap cut into small “shards” and another 4oz cut into large “shards.” You want odd-shaped triangles. Melt down 2oz of clear soap and cool until it’s comfortable to touch for the next step.

TWO: Take all those small shards, and sprinkle two pinches of iridescent glitter on them and start smooshing them into a rough ball shape. Drizzle some of the cool soap over your shmooshed soap shards to help keep them together if they’re falling apart.

THREE: Now, start shmooshing those larger shards onto your smaller ball. You may have to melt some more soap to drizzle on top to keep everything together, so take your time and don’t stop shmooshing! When you’ve gotten all the shards packed on there, give it a good all-over drizzle with clear soap and let it cool on your wire dish or cookie cooling rack.

So you thought that was messy? This will take messy to a whole new level, so don’t do this in your cutest white blouse

FOUR: Melt down 8 oz. of clear soap in a large Pyrex or glass bowl. It needs to be big enough to dip your geode and get your hands in there. Add 1/2 tablespoon of amethyst purple mica. We’re over-coloring the soap so that we can get away with fewer layers for a saturated color.

FIVE: Now add 20 drops of lime essential oil and start dipping! After you coat the entire surface, set the geode on a rack to cool before doing another dip. We did 3 dips to get a good, purple color as shown below.

SIX: To the remaining melted amethyst soap, add a full tablespoon of activated charcoal. We’ll dip the geode into this just once to get a shimmery black coat that’s a little bit sheer.

Let the geode harden and cool before cutting into it. This won’t really take long, so go make a cup of tea and come back.

SEVEN: It’s the moment of truth! Before you cut into your geode, you want to make sure of two things:

1. Your knife is fairly sharp

2. You’ve warmed your knife under hot, hot tap water.

This will ensure that the knife slices through the soap like, well, a hot knife through soap and you get a clean, drag-free slice. Otherwise, some of the packed shards in the middle may be knocked loose.

And you’re done! Enjoy and display your lovely geode soap. Experiment with different colors and glitters! And, as always, share your results with our soapmaking community on our Facebook Page.

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    • says

      Hi Nicole!

      Depending on the size that you make your geodes, this could make up to 1-2 different soap geodes. We’d suggest to experiment with this recipe and find a size that works the best for you. =)

      -Becky with Bramble Berry

    • says

      Hi Denise!

      Sometimes Facebook can be a little tricky, but we are here to help you out. All you need to do to upload a picture is go to our main page here:


      Once you are there, go ahead and scroll down until you see the menu bar (below the about section) that reads “Status, Photo/Video, Offer, Event, +”. Click on the Photo/Video button and upload your photo with a description of what you made.

      I hope that this helps! =)
      -Becky with Bramble Berry

  1. Anna says

    Hello thought I’d show you what my mini one looks like 😀 as a circle it just about fits I a cupcake case 😀 I am so excited that I managed it

  2. Brook Kane says

    I saw these demonstrated at a soap convention a couple of years ago by another soap maker from Pennsylvania. They were beautiful, realistic. Hers had more layers but she worked them the same way except she used sheets of MP to make some of the outer layers thicker. Thanks for the reminder, I will have to try them.

  3. Meagan says

    I love these! I saw the tutorial a while back and wanted to make them but forgot. Does each half end up weighing about 8 ounces?

  4. Kallen says

    I absolutely love these soaps ! Thank you for sharing .

    The first time I saw these soaps was at a “Street Of Dreams ” in E D Hills Ca. The soaps were showcased with a spotlight on them in a gorgeous bathroom and I thought they were real Geodes . The first thing I wanted to do was learn to make them and make some to sell. This was in 1995. I think it is worth the effort in making them.

  5. Deborah, San Jose says

    I really like this one. It sounds like a pain and a mess, but I have a rock hound friend or two. Hmmm…