Aloe + Lavender Skin Soothing Cubes DIY
These skin soothing cubes are great for soothing irritated skin.
  • Medium 9 Ball Silicone Mold (or ice cube tray of your choice)
  • 4.5 oz. Aloe Vera Liquid
  • .5 oz. Glycerin
  • .5 oz. Aloe Vera Juice (from inside the leaf)
  • 1 mL Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
  • Dropper
  1. In a small container, add the aloe vera liquid and glycerin. Stir together.
  2. Squeeze the gel from a fresh aloe vera plant until you add about ½ ounce. Adding a little less or extra won't hurt. =)
  3. Add the lavender 40/42 essential oil to the mixture.
  4. Quickly stick blend the mixture (or mix in a blender) to get rid of any large chunks of the aloe vera plant.
  5. Pour the mixture into the mold cavity and place into the freezer. Allow the cubes to freeze overnight. In my tests, I found that the cubes did not freeze all the way, most likely due to the essential oil and possibly the aloe vera juice from inside the plant. They were firm enough to hold their shape. Once you're ready to use, remove one cube from the mold and rub it on the skin to soothe. Allow to dry and wash off if desired. I recommend applying the cube to skin while outside. =)
Recipe by Soap Queen at